Police Release Letter from Limbaugh Found in Bedroom

Photo of Kevin Limbaugh as reported by Winters Express

On Friday night, the police reported that they tracked the suspect, now identified in media reports as 48-year-old Kevin Limbaugh, through an address in a backpack that he left behind.

Chief Darren Pytel earlier on Saturday told the Vanguard there were some interesting findings inside the backpack itself, but at that point he declined to disclose them.

Chief Pytel told the Vanguard there were only routine things in the backpack – however, they found a note in his bedroom.

“This note was found in his bedroom.  The stuff in the backpack was just stuff with identifying info that led to him.  Nothing unusual,” Chief Pytel said.

Lt. Doroshov has confirmed that the letter was found face up on his bed.

The police have now released a single document that sheds some light but is by no means a smoking gun. Some have suggested there are more, but Chief Pytel believes this is all there is.

The single document reads: “The Davis Police department has been hitting me with ultra sonic waves meant to keep dogs from barking.”

He said, “I notified the press, internal affairs and even the FBI about it.  I am highly sensitive to its affect on my inner ear.”

He concluded, “I did my best to appease them, but they have continued for years and I can’t live this way anymore.

Earlier today the media reported that 48-year-old Kevin Limbaugh was the man suspected of shooting Natalie Corona on Thursday at about 6:45 on the corner of E and 5th Streets, across the street from his rental home where he resided.

He was described as a man who lived a quiet existence until the past year.

He was ordered to surrender a semiautomatic rifle after he was convicted in a battery case. Records show that he was charged with battery with serious bodily injury. Those charges reported stem from an incident in which he punched a co-worker at Cache Creek Casino in the face during a dispute. That case was resolved as a misdemeanor.

The Vanguard will have additional updates as this becomes available.

—David M. Greenwald reporting

Correction: originally reported as inside the backpack, the note was actually found in the bedroom.

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David Greenwald is the founder, editor, and executive director of the Davis Vanguard. He founded the Vanguard in 2006. David Greenwald moved to Davis in 1996 to attend Graduate School at UC Davis in Political Science. He lives in South Davis with his wife Cecilia Escamilla Greenwald and three children.

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  1. Alan Miller

    I initially was angry that he committed suicide, feeling that he got off too easily.

    This, however, suggests a case of un-diagnosed and late-onset schizophrenia or similar.

    Now it’s just sad.

    Just got back from the candlelight vigil.  I’d guess a thousand or more at the start.  Was grateful that the organizer asked that everyone keep politics out of it.  And amazingly, everyone did.  She said there would be plenty of time for that.  And there will be.  Can we give it a week, please?

    Politicians spoke, her friends spoke, her academy-mates spoke, members of the police department spoke — and a few randos.  I generally do not care to hear what politicians have to say at events such as this.  However, the words of Don Saylor moved me.  I can’t quote and won’t try, but his words were simple and heartfelt, and seemed to convey what a lot of us were feeling.

    One negative note:  some arsehole launched a giant drone over Central Park for about 15-20 minutes during the ceremony, and the quiet winter night was breached by an annoying, whirring buzz and distracting red and green lights in the sky.  Please, whoever you were — be you a narcissistic individual or a cares-not news organization, take that drone and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine, and then hit the button that starts the whirring blades.  Thank you.

    At the end someone announced that they were passing out blue somethings to display.  At a table up front some Yolo organization had bought crates of Blue LED bulbs, and was asking people to put them in their porch lamps and light up the town blue tonight.  Great idea, and I installed that blue porch light tonight.  On the way home I saw a fair number of blue candles in windows as well.

    But — they announced Natalie’s service is to be Friday at 11:00am at the ARC.  So let’s light up the town BLUE ALL WEEK and into next weekend.  Go to ACE and Target (and Woodland and West Sac and Dixon if the Davis outlets run out) — and buy blue LED bulbs, and blue candles, and buy some for your neighbors, and let’s turn this town bluer and bluer as the week goes on.

    It’s apparent from the unanimous testimonials tonight that Natalie Corona truly was an exceptional human being on multiple levels.

    1. Craig Ross

      I’m glad politics were kept out of the vigil – I actually avoided it because I was fearful after the photos and memes that politics would be front and center.

      1. Alan Miller

        Memes?  Ug . . . glad I haven’t seen any of that – a reason I avoid social media.  I’m actually curious now, more out of what kind of sick minds can go there before at least a brief mourning period.

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