Judge Snaps Back at Objecting DDA, Asking if Prosecution Wants to ‘Force’ the PD to Proceed

By Stephanie Boulos

SACRAMENTO, CA – In a pretrial hearing for defendant Emonie Williams here in Sacramento County Superior Court Monday, Judge Geoffrey Goodman snapped at Deputy District Attorney Rainey Jacobsen after she made a “non-legal basis” objection to the public defender’s overload on the case.

Defendant Williams was to be heard regarding her two felony charges when the public defender’s office requested to be recognized with an overload and asked to come back in two weeks on June 23. The defendant’s hearing date was vacated, with a previous 30- and 60-day waiver, according to the notes of the judge.

It was then that the DDA quipped, “I don’t really have a legal basis to object but this has been on preliminary hearing three times and Ms. Williams continues to pick up new cases.” In fact, a records check show the defendant has at least one new arrest since the original preliminary hearing was set.

DDA Jacobsen then noted she previously objected to a lengthy continuance when she was cut off abruptly by Judge Goodman, who snapped back at the DDA: “The public defender is declaring an overload. What do you want me to do? Do you want me to lash them to this case and force them to proceed?”

DDA Jacobsen responded, “No. I was under the impression she (defendant) was still under custody but she picked up a third felony matter so…” She was yet again interrupted by the judge.

Judge Goodman then said, “I understand. But this is a matter of counsel. She has a right to counsel and the PD is now saying they can’t continue to represent her so I am going to relieve the public defender, appoint the (conflict) panel to represent her, come back in two weeks and hopefully identify counsel.”

The DDA asked for that date to be noted for a bail motion, to which the judge responded “certainly.”

The next date set for defendant Williams is June 23 at 8:30 a.m. in Dept. 61.

I’m a second year Political Science and Philosophy major at UC Davis from SoCal, hoping to pursue a career in law!


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