Chesa Boudin-Backed Assembly Bill 127 to Hold Police Accountable Signed into Law


By Paige Laver

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – A state law backed by District Attorney of San Francisco Chesa Boudin that would increase the accountability of police officers—Assembly Bill 127, authored by Senator Sydney Kamlager when she was an Assemblymember—was signed this week by the governor.

AB 127 is predicted to increase the accountability of police officers who are involved in misconduct and unlawful shootings, and reduce challenges and obstacles to prosecutors, such as SF DA Boudin.

Senator Kamlager (D-LA) said, “We can’t let ‘Snitches get stitches’ policy strong-arm our criminal legal system. AB 127 fights against this practice and will dramatically help in holding police officers accountable in California.”

Kamlager, who currently represents California’s 30th District, and before represented California’s 54th District, has helped support criminal justice reform that focuses on diversion, redemption, and rehabilitation, which also aligns with the work Boudin has striven for during his time as DA of San Francisco.

AB 127 will mitigate the problem that is faced when law enforcement officers refuse to assist in the prosecution of a fellow law enforcement officer, which can lead to prosecutors unable to pursue charges against police officers who don’t abide by the law.

When this happens, it leads to law enforcement officers refusing to provide the necessary information to support an arrest warrant.

Additionally, the law will diversify who can attest to probable cause for arrest when the subject of the arrest is a peace officer. This will eliminate the barrier to police prosecutions, which can allocate for safer communities.

Kamlager, stated how enthusiastic she was to be supported by DA Boudin.

She further stated, “I am thrilled that Governor Newsom has signed AB 127 into law to ensure that California is eliminating obstacles to police accountability…the murder of George Floyd and so many others around the state of California and the nation has reminded us of the need to promote justice for victims of police violence and police misconduct.”

Boudin made a statement about his position on the bill, “I am pleased that California is taking important steps to ensure that police officers who break the trust that we place in them can be held accountable.

“In California, just as in San Francisco, we must ensure that no one is above the law,” he continued.

The newly signed AB 127 will create safety in communities where trust has been broken, said Boudin, who appears to be following through on the promises from his campaign to help with criminal justice reform by working alongside Kamlager.

Since Boudin took office in 2020, he has sponsored and promoted numerous reforms and measures to ensure accountability among law enforcement for their criminal actions.

These actions include solving the conflict of interest when prosecutors accept financial support from law enforcement unions, which leads to them making decisions based on if and when to prosecute those unions.

Additionally, Boudin has restructured the District Attorney’s Office Independent Investigation Bureau (IIB) which has currently filed charges against five law enforcement officers that were involved in four different incidents.

Boudin has become the first District Attorney of San Francisco to charge officers who have been accused of police misconduct, which allows for accountability throughout the broader San Francisco community.


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