Man Denied Supervised Own Recognizance by Judge Even Though Crimes Minor

By Wendy Moya

WOODLAND, CA — Yolo County Superior Court Judge Tom M. Dyer denied “A****”‘s request for “supervised own recognizance,” release from jail with no bail required.

(NOTE: The Vanguard no longer identifies by name those accused of low level misdemeanors)

A**** has been charged with purchasing stolen property as well as unauthorized use of stolen property, among other things.

After reading A****’s declaration, Deputy Public Defender John Sage stated that A**** “told the officer he bought some sort of an off-road quad-runner kind of a thing on and just didn’t have any documentation to support it” and this makes him “a good candidate for supervised OR.”

Sage stated, “His mother is bedridden, she needs his help,” urging the Judge Dyer to accept his request for SOR, which would have allowed A**** conditional liberty, on the condition that he regularly reports back to the court.

Sage expanded on A****’s mother’s necessity for her son, stating, “His father works four days a week, [his mother] needs his help, she said so to the probation officers.”

Because A**** was charged with non-violent offenses, Public Defender Sage stated that A**** does not represent a threat to public safety.

After hearing the public defender’s argument in support of Supervised Own Recognizance, Judge Dyer turned to Deputy District Attorney Deanna Lynn Hays to consider the arguments against A**** being granted SOR.

DDA Hays pointed out that A**** also told the officers that he was homeless, and maintained “if he was actually living with his mother, then he was lying with the cops or his mom is lying and doesn’t need his help.”

Hays put forth her own opinion that he stays with his parents occasionally, but it’s not a residence where he stays consistently.

Hays said that the primary problem with granting A**** SOR would be his history of failing to appear before the court.

Hayes stated that A**** has “five cases spanning three years, none of which he has ever shown up on.”

Hayes said that A**** fails to appear before court and continues to commit crime, which constitutes a threat to public safety.

Upon hearing both of the arguments, Judge Dyer denied A****’s SOR request because A****, asd the prosecution stated, continues to commit crime and repeatedly fails to show up to court.

Additionally, Judge Dyer alleged that A**** struggles with drug use, even though A**** denies this.

Judge Dyer attributed A****’s repeated offenses and failure to show up before the court to a possible drug problem.

The proceeding court case will reconvene at another date, as scheduled at—and bail also remained what had been previously agreed upon at an earlier date.

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