Yolo DA Candidate Cynthia Rodriguez Calls on Orange County DA to Resign while Reisig Remains Silent

Cynthia Rodriguez

Special to the Vanguard

Winters, CA – Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer has lost the respect of the legal and broader community at-large after accusing Black men of dating white women to get themselves out of “bad situations.” There is a long list of high-profile California district attorneys from both sides of the aisle who have renounced and called for Spitzer’s resignation. One name missing from this list is the current California District Attorney Association President and Yolo County District Attorney, Jeff Reisig.

“Reisig once again refuses to do what is best for public safety and for Yolo County. By not calling for Spitzer’s resignation, he reaffirms his commitment to protecting the status quo and those already in power,” said Cynthia Rodriguez, candidate for Yolo County District Attorney.

District Attorney Reisig has a long history of criminalizing and over-prosecuting the Black community. While Black people account for only 3% of Yolo County residents, they represent 25% of the jail population. Reisig’s dedication to targeting the Black community is so extreme, he routinely overcharges violent crimes as felonies to circumvent Prop 47— ignoring the will of the voters who overwhelming passed the proposition in 2014 with more than 60% of the vote.

“Our District Attorney’s Office has been out of step and out of line for years,” said Rodriguez. “Our community deserves a District Attorney who leads with equal justice, fair treatment, and integrity. This is just another example proving where Reisig’s loyalties truly lie, and they are certainly not with the communities most impacted by our criminal justice system.”


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  1. Ron Oertel

    Thought I’d briefly look-into how the comment even came up, and found this:

    Rev. Mark Whitlock, the founder of Christ Our Redeemer AME Church in California, believes Spitzer is not a racist and deserves a second chance.

    “My Christianity teaches forgiveness, and not to throw stones to cancel a person’s career and character,” said Former Orange County pastor Rev. Mark Whitlock in a statement to the Orange County Register. “Spitzer has been a friend for more than 25 years and is not a racist.”

    Spitzer has also received support from the president of the Black Chamber of Orange County, Bobby McDonald. “It saddens me to see race be so casually and inappropriately used as the go-to political weapon to club your adversaries,” McDonald told the Orange County Register. “I am grateful we have a district attorney who is willing to have tough conversations and give serious consideration to how racism may have impacted a particular case.”


    Seems to me that the primary lesson to be taken from this is to never discuss such issues (as a public official), and that it’s helpful to have friends. (Especially the latter.)

  2. Ron Oertel

    As a side note, I’d never say such a thing myself.  However, some do suspect that people (in general) sometimes do such things, either consciously or unconsciously.

    And there’s lots of people who consider income/wealth of potential spouses (and acknowledge doing so).


    Regardless of motive, the reference above apparently did not help Ms. Smith (in the long run).

    1. Ron Oertel

      If you don’t believe that, take a look at personal romance/dating sites.

      And if you’re a man (in particular), state that you have no job and almost no income (and see what kind of response you get).

  3. Ron Oertel

    But getting back to Ms. Rodriguez, I’d suggest that focusing on this issue isn’t going to help her campaign very much.

    Seems like the time has passed to unseat Reisig, when Johannsson didn’t win.

    In fact, I don’t even see nearly the same level of support for Ms. Rodriguez as the Vanguard expressed for Mr. Johannsson. (If I was in Ms. Rodriguez’ position, I’d be disappointed by this.)

    Even though the Vanguard is still hammering-away at Reisig, to no avail.

  4. David Greenwald

    These elected CA DA’s have now withdrawn their endorsements for #OrangeCounty District Attorney Todd Spitzer’s re-election:






    🚨San Bernadino

    🚨San Diego


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