Drug Theft Murder Trial Proceeds with Lead Detective Witness Testimony


By Catherine Potente

WOODLAND, CA – The trial of Chandale Shannon, Jr., and Jesus Campos—the duo are accused in the murder and kidnapping of two teens, Elijah Moore and Enrique Rios, whose bodies are still unrecovered—reconvened Wednesday in Yolo County Superior Court with additional witness testimony, including a Woodland barber who worked at a shop in Woodland and said he saw Elijah Moore on Nov. 4, 2016.

According to the witness, Moore left the shop shortly after seeing one of the barber’s clients, and the barber did not see him again. Later, Moore’s mother hung a missing persons poster for Moore at the barber shop and that was the last the witness had heard regarding the victim.

Sergeant Lech Garcia, a patrol supervisor for the Yolo County Sheriff’s Department, was the second witness called to the stand. In 2016, the sergeant was a detective at the time and became the lead detective on the missing person case of Enrique Rios.

The sergeant witness reported receiving two tips in December of 2016 regarding Rios’s whereabouts from payphones at the Woodland Public Library and at a Chevron gas station on E Street in Woodland. To identify the caller, the witness attempted to search for surveillance around the areas, but there were only surveillance cameras around the Chevron gas station.

The footage was grainy, but Sergeant Garcia reported seeing a light colored vehicle drive up to the pay phone, but was unable to identify the make or model of the vehicle.

Because the two missing persons were friends, the cases were considered connected. This caused the Yolo County Sheriff’s Department to coordinate their investigation with the Woodland Police Department, which was investigating the disappearance of the second victim, Elijah Moore. Detective Jameson was the lead detective for that case.

In June 2018, Detective Jameson and Sergeant Garcia authored “Ramey” warrants for Shannon and Campos.

According to the witness, “Ramey” warrants are authored with the intent of seeking additional information from suspects, such as interviews.

On June 8, 2018, Sergeant Garcia and Detective Jameson conducted an interview with Shannon at Sacramento County Jail.

In the interview, Shannon stated Moore had robbed him and David Froste—who has already been convicted of the murder and kidnapping of both victims—of marijuana.

Throughout the interview, Shannon stated that David Froste was deeply angered by the robbery, but Shannon expressed that he wanted to let it go. Froste told Shannon that he had to help Froste find Elijah and told Shannon to make contact with those who would know his whereabouts.

Shannon gave three names to Froste, and Rios was one of them. Rios communicated with Shannon that he was actually in Esparto and was not with Moore.

According to Shannon’s interview, David Froste drove Shannon’s car to Rios’s location to pick him up and returned to Woodland. Because Rios knew Shannon more than Froste, Froste told Shannon he needed to come along or Rios would not get in the car.

After returning to Woodland, Froste pulled over to a body of water and told Rios to get undressed and get in the water. With a gun in hand, Froste began shooting the water and the victim swam around to dodge the bullets.

Shannon told Sergeant Garcia that Froste told Rios to get out of the water and Froste shot him at least once in the stomach. Froste left the victim’s body at the shore of the water and covered it with vegetation.

Shannon volunteered to show Sergeant Garcia the location of the victims’ bodies during the interview. They drove around the Knights Landing and Sutter area, but were unsuccessful in discovering bodies.

The sergeant witness noted that Shannon did change his story multiple times throughout the interview.

Court proceedings are ongoing.


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Catherine is a fourth year undergraduate student at UC Davis, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Communications. She plans to graduate in 2022 and is interested in studying law.

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