Pamela Price Nabs Endorsement from National ‘Democracy for America’ in Alameda County District Attorney Race

Pamela Price at a press conference in September, photo by David Greenwald

By The Vanguard Staff

OAKLAND, CA – Democracy for America—a one million-member strong national progressive PAC that takes on structural racism, income inequality, and money in politics—endorsed Alameda County District Attorney candidate Pamela Price Thursday.

Price said, “I am proud to have the endorsement of Democracy for America, not only because of what its support means for my campaign, but also because DFA’s support confirms that Americans are increasingly recognizing the critical role District Attorneys play in shaping our justice system.”

Democracy for America said it endorsed Price, a three-decade long civil rights attorney, on its “Establish Justice Initiative” slate, which includes reform-minded candidates for attorney general, sheriff, district attorney, and judge seats across the nation.

Democracy for America Chief Political Officer Chris Scott said, “Pamela Price is the prime example of why DFA created the Establish Justice Initiative. She has been steadfast in her values of fundamentally reforming how justice is serviced in Alameda County.”

Scott added, “This is a very important race because the District Attorney has not been an open seat since 1939. For 83 years, democracy has fallen silent in Alameda County when it comes to who is administering justice.”

Scott stressed the “importance of local elected officials in combating police brutality, mass incarceration, and racial bias in our justice system,” noting, “Local District Attorneys, Judges, and Sheriffs play a dominant role in what our justice system looks like and how it impacts local communities. Yet, all too often, these candidates don’t get nearly the level of scrutiny and demand for public accountability that a candidate for the U.S. or State House receives when they’re up for election.

“Pamela has the most experience in the field of candidates in holding corporations, institutions and law enforcement accountable for illegal actions. She has been embraced and endorsed by Families Advocating for the Seriously Mentally Ill because she is the only candidate bringing real ideas to the table to make sure those with mental illness are finding a path to treatment instead of just in a jail cell or becoming unhoused.”

“We want someone who you can trust—we have seen how DAs, like the Georgia DA in the Ahmaud Arbery murder trial, can abuse their power. That Georgia DA had 16 calls with one of the men who murdered Arbery before she dismissed the case—it is just wrong,” said Price.

Price added, “It has been happening here too in Alameda County. We need to trust our DA to not bury justice for those with wealth, connections or a badge.”

Price continues, “In Alameda County and across the nation, people are upset with the status quo. I am the only candidate who approached our problems with real justice reform in mind. We deserve better. We deserve a district attorney who works as a minister of justice for the whole community, not just for people with money, connections and relationships with the office. We deserve a District Attorney who will listen to the will of the voters and protect public safety.”

Democracy for America has also endorsed, in this June 7 primary, CA Attorney General Rob Bonta, Contra Costa Co. DA Diana Becton, Sacramento Co. DA candidate Alana Matthews and Yolo Co. DA candidate Cynthia Rodriquez.

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