Death Penalty Foe Who Lost Mother, Family in Another Massacre, Comments on Jury Decision to Not Give Parkland School Killer Death Penalty

By The Vanguard Staff

FT LAUDERDALE, FL – After a Florida jury today spared Nikolas Cruz—the Parkland School killer who murdered 17 people—the death penalty, the daughter of a victim in the Mother Emanuel AME Church massacre in 2015, commented, noting, “How can you not want vengeance for the killer?”

Cruz was given life in prison without chance of parole.

But, speaking from experience, Rev. Sharon Risher, who’s also the chair of Death Penalty Action Board of Directors, quickly added, “As I watched the hearing this morning I remembered sitting in a similar courtroom when the killer of my mother, my cousins, and six others also faced the death penalty. It is so hard to be a family member in this situation, to have first experienced the murder of your loved one, and to have revisited all of that pain and anguish while hearing and seeing the most awful details during the trial process.

“How can you not want vengeance for the killer? I was very conflicted, but by the time it was over, I knew that killing him would do nothing to help me heal. Yet in the Mother Emanuel case, the killer was sentenced to death. Because of that, we are still suffering in ways that could have been avoided,” she added.

Rev. Risher said, “Last year at this time, Dylann Roof’s first appeal came up. It was six years after his crime, but just the experience of that appeal being a top headline in the news brought all of that anguish back not only to me, but on some level it ripped the scab off of the wounds of all of us touched by that crime.

“This is the unintended but very real consequence of the death penalty. Rather than helping us heal, it keeps reopening our wounds. Because I know this from my own still-fresh experience, I hope the families in Parkland can see this as a turning point for them.

“Once the killer is sentenced, they can move toward healing. We can never get our loved ones back, but without a death sentence hanging over us we can remember our loved ones for who they were before the horrific epidemic of gun violence touched their lives.”

The anti-death penalty reverend said “I pray that the families and everyone touched by this horrible crime will find a way to accept what the jury has recommended as a good thing. I am relieved that once the sentencing is complete and we throw away the key on Nikolas Cruz, that they can heal and find joy in the memories of how their precious loved ones lived, not in how they died.

“I pray that God will give them comfort, and also that God will give Nikolas Cruz the opportunity to understand what he has done and that he can find a way to use the remainder of his life for good, even in prison.”

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