Midwest Innocence Project, Morgan Pilate LLC Urge Independent Accountability in Disgraced Detective’s Cases


By Ramneet Singh and Naya Wiezel

KANSAS CITY, MO – The Midwest Innocence Project and Morgan Pilate LLC have questioned the review of former detective Roger Golubski—charged with sexual assault and other bad behavior—stating “the proposed plan offers no hope for accountability.”

Posted on Twitter, the statement’s opening paragraph questioned potential accountability in the Unified Government (UG) of Wyandotte County’s review of Golubski, a former Kansas City, Kansas (KCK), detective who is accused of sexual assault and other misconduct.

A September press release by the Department of Justice’s Office of Public Affairs described a “six-count indictment” of Golubski for “federal civil rights crimes for sexually assaulting two victims while acting under color of law.”

A November press release noted a federal grand jury’s indictment of Golubski and three men. All four were charged “with conspiring, decades ago, to hold young women in a condition of involuntary sexual servitude” among other charges.

The indictment alleges Golubski took money, “provided protection from law enforcement for the criminal activity, including sex trafficking; and forcibly raped the young woman identified as Person 2.”

In both cases, authorities said the charges could involve “a maximum sentence of life in prison.”

Later in their statement, the Midwest Innocence Project and Morgan Pilate LLC have urged an independent review through the Department of Justice.

KCTV5 reported the Unified Government plan would cost $1.7 million and would look at 155 cases. The article states,“Federal prosecutors say the crimes took place while Golubski was a police officer. But accusers say the crimes go well beyond those.”

The Midwest Innocence Project noted that “supervisors protected, promoted and rewarded Golubski” despite knowledge of his wrongdoings, referencing severe consequences of his actions, including wrongful convictions, which spanned over three decades.

The statement noted Police Chief Oakman suggested citizens “can trust the KCK Police Department to ‘clean their own house,’” but the groups maintain the UG and the KCK Police Department have rewarded and supported officers for three decades, including Golubski, who have openly violated its citizens human and civil rights. These departments also voted against the implementation of a Conviction Integrity Unit in 2018.

In the 1980s, Golubski was accused of sexually assaulting Rose McIntyre, and sought an ongoing sexual relationship with her. After continuously denying his advances, Rose McIntyre claims  Golubski wrongfully framed her son, Lamonte McIntyre, for a double murder in 1994.

The UG this year argued Rose McIntyre’s accusations against Golubski are false and should not be believed, which the statement argues is “not the actions of a system ready to correct and acknowledge the deep harms it has caused.”

The Midwest Innocence Project and Morgan Pilate LLC statement calls for an independent review of the entire police department, and any review “must include outside and independent stakeholders to provide the credibility, transparency, and accountability this moment requires.”


About The Author

Naya Wiezel is a 3rd year undergraduate student at UCLA majoring in Political Science with a minor in Public Affairs. She has a passion for political activism and is a part of social justice groups on campus. She plans on attending law school after completing her undergraduate studies and hopes to go into entertainment law.

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