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As the national election of 2024 approaches, the US faces some unprecedented issues that are of interest to many of our readers.  However, the Vanguard as a publication is focused primarily on local governance and criminal justice reform issues.

Given that this is a topic of interest to some of our readers, but not the main focus of our publication, the Vanguard has decided to provide this space for the open discussion of national issues.

While this will remain a moderated forum, we are relaxing a few key restrictions.

  1. There will be no limit to number of comments
  2. For the most part we will not remove comments that are off-topic
  3. Within reason, we will not moderate the source of information

With that said, we need to maintain basic civility and decorum.  So personal attacks, racist or likewise offensive posts will not be posted, and we need to adhere to libel and copyright laws.

Within those boundaries we are hoping for an open and spirited discussion.


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119 thoughts on “Open National Issues Discussion”

  1. Keith Olsen

    Remember the days of “Carlos Danger”?  If you only consumed left biased mainstream media and don’t know who this is you may have to look it up.

    Now we have “Robert Peters”, “Robin Ware”, and “JRB Ware”.  Who are they you ask?  Well, they’re Joe Biden pseudonyms.

    President Joe Biden’s use of multiple pseudonyms during his vice presidency appears to have hidden some of his communications from that period, including some involving Ukraine policy and his son, Hunter Biden.
    The House Oversight Committee asked the National Archives on Thursday for communications involving three of Joe Biden’s aliases: Robert Peters, Robin Ware, and JRB Ware.


    1. David Greenwald

      That’s what you lead with?

      Alright. Here’s mine: November 20, 2020 from Keith: “I’m not a fan of Rudy Giuliani, he seems to be losing it in his older years, but Sydney Powell is the real deal. I can’t believe she would put her reputation on the line if she didn’t actually have the goods. We’ll have to wait and see.”

      1. Keith Olsen

        Yeah, I may have missed it on that one.  But I did write “We’ll have to wait and see.” How long have you been waiting to use that?  Maybe I can dig up some of your misses, which I’m sure are plenty.

        That’s what you lead with?

        So you don’t think Joe Biden hiding behind aliases while communicating with his son about Ukraine which Joe Biden claims he has no knowledge of his son’s business dealings is  newsworthy?




        1. David Greenwald

          You only have 17 years of material to go through… should find quite a bit.

          It did seem like the appropriate week to bring it out since she was listed in the indictment and they actually have evidence that they broke into the Dominion system.

    2. Walter Shwe

      Let’s have at it. 

      This all pales in comparison to the enormous Republican criminal conspiracy literally involving dozens of criminals in multiple states to illegally install Trump in 2020 rather than the rightful winner Biden. I hear Arizona is investigating that state’s Republican fake electors. I love the term “fake elector”. It perfectly encapsulates who they really are. 

      Is that the best you can do Keith for your first post?

        1. Walter Shwe

          Is that the best you can do Keith for your first post?

          I got mixed up between David’s and Keith’s first posts here.

          In any case, there is absolutely nothing illegal or unethical about using pseudonyms with Hunter since Hunter has never been a government official. Only communications amongst government officials have to be non-concealed. If there was any potential illegal activity, this is another instance where the DOJ  under Trump had a full 4 years to investigate and bring any criminal indictments. This is just more Republican nonsense to divert attention away from the real criminals, 100% Republican.

  2. Don Shor

    Indictments of Donald Trump, as of 8/18/2023

    1) Federal 2020 election case (District of Columbia)

    Number of charges: Four felony counts. They include:

    ·      Charge of conspiracy to defraud the United States, which includes plotting to overturn the results of the 2020 election

    ·      Conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, including plotting to prevent the 2020 election certification

    ·      Obstruction of and attempt to obstruct an official proceeding, which includes actually blocking the certification of the 2020 election results

    ·      Conspiracy against rights, which includes a plan to deprive someone of a constitutional right (in this case, that is the ability to vote)

    2) Georgia election indictment

    Number of charges: 13 felony counts. They are:

    ·      1 count of violating the Georgia RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) Act, which is basically a catchall charge for the larger conspiracy to overturn the outcome

    ·      3 counts of solicitation of violation of oath by a public officer, which are about Trump’s attempts to convince Georgia officials to overturn the results

    ·      1 count of conspiracy to commit impersonating a public officer

    ·      2 counts of conspiracy to commit forgery

    ·      2 counts of conspiracy to commit false statements and writings

    ·      1 count of conspiracy to commit filing false documents

    ·      1 count of filing false documents

    ·      2 counts of making false statements and writings

    3) Federal documents case (Florida)

    Number of charges: 40 felony counts. They include:

    ·      32 counts of willful retention of national defense information, which includes keeping classified documents related to military activities and nuclear weapons

    ·      1 count of conspiracy to obstruct justice, which includes Trump working with an aide to hold on to classified documents and hide them from a grand jury

    ·      1 count of withholding a document or record from an official proceeding, which included efforts to hide documents from a grand jury

    ·      1 count of corruptly concealing a document or record from an official proceeding, which included hiding boxes with classified documents

    ·      1 count of concealing a document in a federal investigation, which included covering up Trump’s ongoing possession of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago

    ·      1 count of scheming to conceal information the government is seeking, which includes hiding the fact that Trump still possessed classified documents

    ·      1 count of making false statements, which includes directing his attorneys to lie about returning all the classified documents in his possession

    ·      2 counts of altering, destroying, or concealing information the government is seeking, which includes plans to delete security footage

    4) New York state case related to hush money to Stormy Daniels

    Number of charges: 34 felony counts.

    ·      All counts are centered on falsifying business records, which Trump is accused of doing to cover up the hush money payments to Daniels.

    (Summarized by


      1. Walter Shwe

        Thank you Don for all of the examples of the Democrats using a biased democrat DOJ and biased democrat DA’s to interfere with an election. 

        Of course Keith believes this fantasy. When Keith refers to election interference, he is actually speaking to 2020 and not 2024.

  3. Walter Shwe

    Donald Trump calls off press conference where he said he would share report on Georgia election fraud claims. I bet no such report has ever existed.

    The former president said his lawyers would instead put “Irrefutable & Overwhelming evidence” in their legal filings over his latest indictment.

    1. Walter Shwe

      It’s only the beginning Keith. I have a lot more ammunition in the coming weeks and months.

      Instead of attending the first Republican debate, coward Trump has decided to have a conversation with Tucker Carlson. The revelations from the Fox News and Dominion lawsuit tell us Carlson actually despises Trump.

      It was all quite a sight to see coming from a man who has been exposed to hold Trump in great disdain, as evidenced by private messages he sent which have come to light as part of Dominion Voting Systems’ $1.6 billion lawsuit against Fox News.
      Carlson actually “hate[s]” Trump. And he hates him “passionately.” He believes Trump is a “destroyer.” A “demonic force.” A president who was a “disaster.” A politician whose behavior after losing the 2020 election was “disgusting.”

      1. Keith Olsen

        It’s only the beginning Keith. I have a lot more ammunition in the coming weeks and months.

        Enjoy yourself Walter and enjoy your Google searches.  I doubt anyone else is following.

        1. Walter Shwe

          I already knew that Tucker didn’t really appreciate Donald because it was widely reported at the time. It appears to just be a marriage of convenience. I just needed the reference to support my statement.

          Republicans have become a party of criminals and fascists with numerous supporting enablers.

        2. Ron Oertel

          Enjoy yourself Walter and enjoy your Google searches.  I doubt anyone else is following.

          Actually, I am – for amusement purposes only.

          Not to read the actual comments or links, but just to see how much more Walter is willing to talk to himself.

          Good thing that the Vanguard “opened up” the national discussion.  It’s been scintillating, and has really encouraged a lot of new or returning commenters to participate.

          And I’m quite sure that it will make a difference regarding national races.


        3. Dave Hart

          There is such a tidal wave of information that reveals orange and his friends for what they are that it’s become impossible to follow anyone for more than a millisecond.  Orange is only losing support, albeit slowly, from even some of those who are committed in the same way religious followers see actual blood flowing from statues.

  4. David Greenwald

    Gov Sununu of NH: “If Mr. Trump is the Republican nominee for president in 2024, Republicans will lose up and down the ballot. According to a recent Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll, nearly two-thirds of Americans say they would likely not support Mr. Trump in 2024 — not even Jimmy Carter had re-election numbers that bleak. Every candidate with an (R) next to their name, from school board to the statehouse, will be left to answer for the electoral albatross at the top of the ticket. Instead of going on offense and offering an alternative to Joe Biden’s failing leadership, Republicans will continue to be consumed with responding to Mr. Trump’s constant grievances and lies, turning off every independent suburban voter in America. And Mr. Trump, ever the narcissist, will spend the entire campaign whining about his legal troubles and bilking his supporters of their retirement savings to pay for his lawyers”

  5. Walter Shwe

    Tomorrow is arrest day for Donald Trump in Fulton County Georgia. It’s too bad I can’t post his mug shot or that of any of his 18 alleged traitorous co-conspirators. 👍🏻

    1. Walter Shwe

      Strange for a supposed billionaire like Trump using a bail bondsman to put up $200,000 for bail. Maybe he isn’t really a billionaire after all.

      1. David Greenwald

        Cheaper that way. He can put up 10% and be done with it but eat that 20 percent. Or put up 100% himself and get it back. I figured he’d probably put up the 10 percent and eat it.

  6. Keith Olsen

    Instead of calling this “Open National Issues Discussion” it would’ve been more appropriate to name it the ‘Greenwald/Shwe Trump Hate Discussion’.

        1. David Greenwald

          My amusement is more along the lines of the irony of your comment. I guess I would just expect that someone coming to post comments in a place where they are clearly in a minority/ adversarial role would have thicker skin.

    1. Walter Shwe

      Keith is as thin skinned as Ron Oertel. They may not be up to the rigors of serious political commentary.

      From the beginning you have been able to comment here to your heart’s content. You have discussed Joe and Hunter Biden, but House Republicans and you haven’t been able to pin any actual crimes on President Biden. Hunter has never worked for the Federal Government. I need to repeat that the DOJ under Trump had a full 4 years to indict Joe for anything, but apparently could not. Trump asserts that he only hires the best people. The Special Counsel that Trump appointed as US Attorney did investigate and indict Hunter. Hunter will now stand trial for his alleged criminal activities after a proposed plea deal fell through. 

      The same thing is happening to Trump as far as being prosecuted for his alleged crimes. Trump is a one person crime spree, thus is constantly in the news. That’s the chief reason I frequently comment on this page. This state of affairs is hilarious.

      You can scream bloody bias all you desire regarding Judge Chutkan, but I will counter with Judge Cannon. Let me remind everyone that Cannon was actually appointed by the primary defendant in that case. That is not only bias, but a definite conflict of interest as well.

  7. Walter Shwe

    This is a brief update on the Proud Boys or as I prefer to call them the Traitorous Boys. Note: I hope the white text shows up in this comment. I don’t have access to a computer here.

    Proud Boys could get record sentences this week in Jan. 6 seditious conspiracy case
    Sentencing is set to move forward Wednesday after a federal judge oversaw an all-day hearing that included the reading of victim impact statements.

  8. Walter Shwe

    Clarence Thomas Acknowledges Undisclosed Real Estate Deal With Harlan Crow and Discloses Private Jet Flights
    The new filing comes after ProPublica’s reporting on the Supreme Court justice’s beneficial relationship with the billionaire GOP megadonor. Thomas also reported three private jet trips provided by Crow. Finally!

    1. Walter Shwe

      Pressure grows on Clarence Thomas after more gifts from rightwing donor
      Disclosures detail flights and stays with Harlan Crow as Democrats vow to investigate scandal ‘in which this court is enmired’

      “Justice Thomas’s lengthy explanation as to why he omitted various gifts and free trips on previous disclosures does not countermand his decades of willful obfuscation when it comes to his reporting requirements,” Roth said.

      “What’s more, he’s chosen not to update earlier reports with details about the tuition gift, the RV loan” – from Anthony Welters, a healthcare magnate, and first reported by the New York Times – “or his countless private plane fights, all of which were reportable.

      “It’s time for the Judicial Conference, as required by the disclosure law, to refer these issues to the [US] justice department for further investigation.”

  9. Walter Shwe

    In court, Trump supporter faces election official he violently threatened
    PHOENIX — The election officials piled into the front row of a federal courtroom — a show of support for a local public official who has endured more than two years of attacks for his role in helping to certify Donald Trump’s loss in Arizona in 2020.

    Mark Rissi, a 65-year-old from Iowa who has worked in customer service in recent years, walked into the courtroom using a cane. …In April, he pleaded guilty to sending threatening communications to Hickman and the state’s former attorney general, Mark Brnovich, also a Republican.

    Instead, U.S. District Judge Dominic Lanza, a Trump nominee, showed Rissi a severe sentence.

    Lanza issued a sentence of 30 months — six months more than requested by the Justice Department, drawing audible gasps in the courtroom.

  10. Walter Shwe

    Trump’s co-defendants are already starting to turn against him

    There’s a nascent courtroom strategy by some people close to Donald Trump: Heap blame on the former president.  If the captains are going down, they want to take the Trump crime syndicate head down with them! Yolo County right wingers are sore quitters, losers and whiners.'s%20a%20nascent%20courtroom%20strategy,blame%20on%20the%20former%20president.&text=The%20finger%2Dpointing%20among%20Donald%20Trump's%20inner%20circle%20has%20begun.

  11. Walter Shwe

    Three-judge panel blocks Alabama’s congressional districts, ordering new lines drawn!

    A three-judge panel has blocked Alabama’s new congressional map after lawmakers failed to create a second district where Black voters at least came close to comprising a majority, as suggested by the court.,to%20the%20U.S.%20Supreme%20Court.

    Blatantly racist Alabama Republicans are at it yet again. They never seem to learn from their racist ways.


  12. Walter Shwe

    New York AG asks judge to sanction Trump for rehashing failed legal arguments  LOL!

    New York Attorney General Letitia James asked a judge Tuesday to sanction Donald Trump, other defendants and their lawyers for rehashing the same legal arguments in James’ big civil fraud lawsuit against the former president.
    James asked that all the defendants be fined $10,000 collectively, and that another fine of $10,000 be imposed on their lawyers collectively.
    James’ request came four weeks before trial in the lawsuit is set to begin in New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan. The attorney general in that suit is seeking $250 million in damages from Trump and the other defendants for what she alleges is widespread fraud related to a decade of financial statements.

  13. Walter Shwe

    Ex-Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio sentenced to 22 years in prison for Jan. 6

    Republican traitors and insurrectionists don’t deserve leniency. Now that the Republican mob soldiers and their lieutenants have been largely put away, it’s high time to do likewise to the underbosses and the don himself, Donald Trump.

  14. Walter Shwe

    Trump Media’s funding partner gets reprieve only days before possible liquidation
    DWAC, a special purpose acquisition company, or SPAC, and Trump Media & Technology Group, which operates Trump’s social media platform, Truth Social, didn’t return requests for comment from CBS News. DWAC shares, which traded for $175 in 2021 shortly after the company’s initial public offering, rose 3.9% in afternoon trading to $17.16. 🤣

  15. Walter Shwe

    Clarence Thomas’ Corrected Ethics Disclosure Form Is Not Actually Correct 👎

    Thomas’ level of inattention to disclosure obligations, as revealed by last week’s amended form, is shocking for a Supreme Court justice who, as observed by Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick and Mark Joseph Stern, “applies one standard to himself and another to everyone else,” including indigent criminal defendants, whose inadvertent errors of timing and procedure are never excused by Thomas, even when they are facing the death penalty.

    It is especially galling for Thomas to claim inadvertence because this is not the first time it has happened. In 2011, Thomas amended 20 years of disclosure reports from which he had “inadvertently” failed to include his wife’s employment “due to a misunderstanding of the filing instructions.” In fact, Virginia Thomas had earned at least $686,000 from the conservative Heritage Foundation during that period. The excuse was barely plausible then, given the simple language of the form, and it beggars belief that a Supreme Court justice, whose job includes interpreting complex statutes and regulations, would continue to take his statutory reporting obligations so lightly.

    Conservative Thomas’ unchecked corruption is staggering. BTW, please get baby pacifiers for 4 especially thin skinned individuals on that other site ASAP.

  16. Walter Shwe

    Six Colorado voters file lawsuit to remove Trump from the state’s 2024 ballot!

    Their lawsuit contends that Trump should be disqualified from running in future elections because he violated Section 3 of the 14th Amendment with his role in the Jan. 6 insurrection.

    Let the insurrectionist Trump ballot disqualifications commence!

  17. Walter Shwe

    Fani Willis lays out criminal case against false electors

    Her arguments were part of her battle to keep the 19-defendant racketeering case on her home turf in Georgia.

    Georgia prosecutors contended Tuesday that the GOP activists who falsely claimed to be legitimate presidential electors — three of whom are now charged as Donald Trump’s alleged co-conspirators — were playing an elaborate game of pretend that crossed criminal boundaries.

  18. Walter Shwe

    Constitutional debate over Trump’s eligibility to run more extensive than realized
    Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold said she has been talking to other secretaries about it.,forbidden%20from%20holding%20public%20office.

    As I said previously, please ban away! To the people on that other site, I have never witnessed such a sad bunch of whiners and quitters in my entire life. It’s truly pathetic.

  19. Walter Shwe

    Biden impeachment talk draws groans from GOP senators

    What they’re saying: Asked if she believes there is enough evidence to impeach Biden, Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.), a member of Senate GOP leadership, said bluntly: “I do not.”

    “We’ve got so many things we need to be focusing on,” Capito said. “I don’t see the glaring evidence that says we need to move forward. I didn’t see it in the Trump case, and voted against it, I don’t see it in this case.”
    Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) told Axios: “I don’t know that there have been any high crimes or misdemeanors alleged. If there are, that would be a matter to consider, but until something like that is alleged, I don’t know what the purpose of that inquiry might be.”
    “If we start converting impeachments into no-confidence votes and we don’t do the homework … then I’m not going to take it seriously,” said Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.), another leadership member.

    1. David Greenwald

      The Dems in my view made a mistake trying to impeach Trump the first time. The second time, they had no choice. If the Republicans pursue impeachment against Biden, they’re just going to look goofy and vindictive.

        1. Walter Shwe

          Let’s get real.

          For one thing, much earlier Keith did comment under this post himself. Is he saying his own comments are also goofy and vindictive?

          Keith doesn’t appreciate people including me repeatedly calling out Republicans that he supports for their felonies and the repercussions resulting from their crimes. There is a huge difference between vindictiveness and actual criminal behavior. Keith would rather be no difference at all between the two. I must continue to admit I find this whole state of affairs really funny.  Conservatives are criticizing the criminal justice system for doing its job according to the law. I thought conservatives supported the criminal justice system. I must be mistaken. They really want show trials that always favor their interests, desire a ultraconservative banana republic and have any pretenses of democracy eliminated.

  20. Walter Shwe

    Republican George Santos: Internal campaign research raised red flags before his election

    Months before that victory, in the fall of 2021, Mr Santos’ campaign commissioned the so-called vulnerability report, as it began preparing for potential attacks from opponents.

    He claimed to have graduated with an MBA from New York University and a bachelor’s degree from Baruch College, but “there was no record of Santos earning any degree from either university”
    While Mr Santos publicly identified as gay, he had been married to a woman of unclear immigration status from 2012 to 2019 before going on to date and live with an illegal immigrant who was “fearful of being deported once Trump was elected”
    He”has made a career out of working for companies that have been accused of fraud and scamming customers“, including one accused of operating a Ponzi scheme

  21. Walter Shwe

    Takeaways from the full Georgia special grand jury report on 2020 election subversion

    The list of those recommended for charges is widespreadIt includes a sitting US senator, South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham; two former US senators from Georgia, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler; former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn, Trump adviser Boris Epshteyn; and pro-Trump attorney Cleta Mitchell. 🤣

  22. Walter Shwe

    ‘Zip Tie Guy’ and His Mom Get Prison Time Despite Pleas for Mercy 🤣

    On Friday, however, U.S. District Court Judge Royce Lamberth appeared unmoved, sentencing Munchel and his mom, registered nurse Lisa Marie Eisenhart, to a combined 7.25 years in federal prison.




    More accountability for convicted Republican traitors!



  23. Walter Shwe

    Trump suffers big loss in E. Jean Carroll defamation case, judge says he’s liable!
    Judge Lewis Kaplan said the upcoming trial for Carroll’s civil lawsuit against Trump will only deal with the question of how much the former president should


    Please make Trump pay through the nose for his lies and defamation.

  24. Walter Shwe

    Vivek Ramaswamy wants to trigger mass layoffs at federal agencies — and he thinks SCOTUS will back him up
    Vivek Ramaswamy believes he has the perfect approach to undermining the administrative state and the power wielded by career civil servants — trigger mass layoffs at federal agencies and defend his effort before the Supreme Court.


    Ramaswamy is just a Trump clone without the criminal baggage. He is just as the big of a f word as Trump is. I am not referring to the f swear word.


  25. Walter Shwe

    Too Many Hats
    Continued reporting on the Supreme Court and its surrounding boosters has made the problem perfectly clear.
    Recent revelations surrounding the hyperpartisan takeover of our courts keep bringing me back to a single quote from 2017. At the time, Ginni Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, was lavishing praise on dark-money kingpin and judicial impresario Leonard Leo at an awards ceremonyfor far-right leaders. “He has many hats,” Thomas said cryptically of Leo. “That isn’t even all he does. He doesn’t really tell all that he does.”
    Fortunately, it’s becoming harder and harder to hide all that Leo does, thanks in part to yet more new Politico reporting by Heidi Przybylathat dropped this past weekend. While it’s possible to read her report as a byzantine labyrinth of phony charitable groups, unreported donations, troughs of dark money, and multimillion-dollar campaigns, even the most confused reader can still connect the blacked-out dots to its inevitable conclusion.
    It seems that at precisely the same moment the Supreme Court was poised to decide the 2010 Citizens Unitedcase that would set aside a century of campaign finance regulations under the novel theory that money is speech, Thomas, wife of a sitting justice, in concert with Leo, was secretly building the sort of dark-money front group that would soon be greenlit by the court’s decision. That group would be funded by Harlan Crow, the billionaire who spent decades secretly enriching the same justice who would sit on the case and the same spouse who would benefit from the outcome of the case. And the dark-money group founded by Ginni Thomas would go on to advocate for cases argued before the court as her husband heard those cases.

    More evidence of right wing corruption on the nation’s highest court.

  26. Walter Shwe

    False claims from GOP’s James Comer start to catch up with him

    It’s a problem that James Comer keeps making untrue claims about Joe Biden. The motivation behind the Republican’s deceptions make that problem worse.

    The principal problem with the Kentucky Republican’s recent work is that Comer has failed spectacularly to uncover any evidence of wrongdoing against Biden, despite months of effort. He’s periodically made bold promises and issued hyped findings to great fanfare, but in each instance, Comer’s revelations have been embarrassing flops.

    But there’s a related problem: Comer hasn’t just been failing, he’s also been lying.


  27. Walter Shwe

    Former attorney not supporting Trump reelection over ‘malignant’ tendency to say he’s never wrong

    “I know [Trump] well as a friend and a former boss, I have great love and respect for him personally,” Ellis said on her radio show Thursday. “I simply can’t support him for elected office again. Why I have chosen to distance is because of that frankly malignant, narcissistic tendency to say that he’s never done anything wrong.”

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