Coalition for Humane Immigration Rights Criticizes U.S Judge Ruling against DACA 

By Rena Abdusalam

LOS ANGELES, CA – The Coalition for Humane Immigration Rights, LA (CHIRLA) reacted this week to Texas-based U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Hanen’s ruling against DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), a federal program that shields more than 578,000 undocumented people brought to the U.S. illegally as children from immediate deportation.

Judge Hanen’s decision rejected offering deportation relief and work permits to DACA recipients, and the large immigrant rights organization said the decision forces people to live in further limbo.

“It’s angering to live life in this way, at the mercy of court decisions which are based on politics. My family is here, my heart is here, my home is here, and I am here to stay. ENOUGH of words without actions. Congress and the president MUST take action,” said Areli Hernandez, DACA recipient and director of external affairs.

“We need a permanent solution that will recognize our humanity. It’s time to do what is just, and that justice is legalization with a pathway to citizenship, for that is the true protection DACA beneficiaries and their families will have, from this limbo,” added Hernandez.

Fatima Flores-Lagunas, DACA political director, responded, “Hanen’s decision is (an)infuriating reminder of Congressional cowardice that DACA beneficiaries have been experiencing for over 10 years. Mr. Hanen has been attacking the undocumented for decades and this [is] another example of his racism.”

“As we approach the 2024 Presidential Elections, we are not asking but demanding for Congress and the President to step up for the 11 million. Legalization for our communities is long overdue and we need the registry to be updated to protect as many of us as possible,” added Flores-Lagunas.

Kathia Garcia, DACA youth programs manager, also added, “It’s the same roller coaster of emotions. DACA recipients need a permanent solution in the form of a path to citizenship so that we can fully feel safe.”

“Our immigrant families, workers, the 11 million undocumented, and more than 500,000 DACA recipients can no longer continue to live in a state of anxiety and limbo. We are human and have rooted lives, children, homes in this country to which we contribute day in and day out,” added Garcia.

Garcia noted, “We demand clear pathways to citizenship and action from our Congress, Senate, and President to take leadership and update the Registry date.”

“My parents migrated to the U.S. with me three decades ago; they were garment workers in Los Angeles sewing the dresses, blouses, jeans and even the banners which we marched with that urged for a pathway to citizenship,” said Diana Ramos, DACA organizing deputy director.

“They lived in the U.S. for more than three decades and died undocumented. They rest on  U.S. American soil that never allowed them the opportunity to apply for residency. Their sacrifices I carry today with a clear pathway to continue our fight for legalization for all of our immigrant community,” ended Ramos.

About The Author

Rena is a junior at Davis Senior High School and is currently exploring her interest in the criminal justice system. After high school, she plans to attend college and continue to pursue a career in law.

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