COURT WATCH: Defense Complains about Justice Delayed Again after Court-Ordered Doctor Fails to Conduct Psychiatric Evaluation

By Darlin Navarrete 

WOODLAND, CA – An accused’s case waiting for a psychiatric evaluation here in Yolo County Superior Court this week was again postponed because the doctor failed to conduct the evaluation.

The accused is facing felony vandalism and misdemeanor unlawful to possess paraphernalia used to inject/smoke.

Matters were set Monday morning for mental competence/return of a PC § 1368 report (competency to stand trial) which the court had not received yet.

Conflict defense counsel Rodney Beede explained to Judge David W. Reed that on the previous court date, the accused had refused to interview for the evaluation but had agreed to do it and have it be part of the evaluation for this court date.

Beede stated there was a psychiatric evaluation completed without the accused’s interview and the accused had been determined incompetent.

Yet, Beede added they were “uncomfortable” with that and thought it was best to have a psychiatric evaluation with the accused’s interview. The doctor was requested to conduct an evaluation with the interview, but had failed to do so.

Conflict defense counsel Beede noted his client was frustrated because their case hadn’t progressed.

Judge Reed reviewed the minute orders and said an email had been sent from the doctor on June 5, to which Beede responded, “We’re in July now…(the doctor) needs to come back and do his job.”

Judge Reed rescheduled the case to return on July 15, and asked for the doctor to be notified, reassuring the accused the doctor should meet with them either later this week or early next week.

About The Author

Darlin Navarrete is a first-generation DACA student with a bachelor's in Political Science with a concentration in Race, Ethnicity, and Politics from UCLA. Being an honors student, Navarrete enjoys an academic challenge and aspires to attend law school and become an immigration attorney. Her passion for minority rights and representation began at a very young age where she identified injustices her family encountered and used them as outlets to expand her knowledge on immigrant rights and educate her family. Outside of academia, Navarrete loves spending time with her family, working on cars, and doing community service.

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