Project Toto Presentation to the Vanguard

Last week, there was a brown bag lunch sponsored by the Davis Downtown, in which they invited a presentation by Jeff Miller and Matt Williams of the Finance and Budget Commission with technical support from Bob Fung.

They presented what they are calling their “City of Davis Toto Model.”  We said at the time that, by this week, the Vanguard would present a video recording of their presentation and broadcast. In the prior article, we briefly described the project to make some broader points.

The idea of the model has built into it the ability to forecast and plan into the future, by allowing us to set a number of policy-based parameters and then be able to project 20 years into the future the impact of each decision.

At the outset of their presentation, they quote Mayor Robb Davis who said at the January 3 State of the City address, “We are not paying for the things that we’ve already purchased, and we are not paying for those things in adequate amounts to make sure they remain for the future.”

Based on that presentation, the Vanguard invited Jeff Miller, Matt Williams and Bob Fung into the Vanguard offices where they did their presentation videoed by the Vanguard and broadcast live on Facebook.

We have two videos here – the first is their presentation and the second is a Youtube of their PowerPoint Presentation.

Video Presentation:


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    1. Matt Williams

      Jim, we are accessing it on the web now.  In our meeting today with the Enterprise Editorial Board, Bob indicated that the public will be able to access it somewhere between 2 weeks and a month from now.

  1. JosephBiello

    I just watched the video and the slides.  First and foremost, I want to thank Jeff, Matt and Bob for this excellent tool for transparency and to aide us in making well informed decisions.   It is truly a great public service that you have provided.

    The scenarios are sobering.


      1. JosephBiello

        After sitting in the meeting tonight, it seems seems like they are trying.  The budget director (sorry that I don’t know his name)  painted a very dismaying picture of the District’s funding situation for the next 3 years based on the Governor’s budget.   3 projections – the most dismal of which puts us a few million in the hole in 3 years (I need to find the details, I’m sure they are online).

        Importantly, Measure H saved the district from much more severe deficits.

        The district has to communicate this more widely to the residents of Davis.   Everyone needs to be educated in the fact that the State Local Control Funding Formula puts Davis at a severe disadvantage.  This needs to be communicated regularly, not simply in advance of a parcel tax vote.





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