Judge Deals, Sends Defendant to Work Project Not Jail


By Zhuoshan Liu

SACRAMENTO – Assistant Public Defender Teresa Huang had a conversation with Sacramento County Superior Court Judge Michael A. Savage in the middle of a courtroom about the possibility of releasing suspect Simpson Elvin for a work project.

“Mr. Simpson, the DA has agreed to dismiss one of the vehicle counts on the offer (but) it’s still 270 days for a work project. Do you want to accept that?” asked Huang.

“Yes,” said the suspect Simpson Elvin.

According to Huang, Deputy District Attorney Cody Winchester agreed to dismiss one of the vehicle counts and release Elvin for the work project. Huang proposed 270 days of work project.

After listening to the resolutions, Winchester recited the facts of the case. On May 21, Winchester said, the defendant did unlawfully take a red 1600-watt generator and a green plasma cutter from someone else’s property. Those items were valued about $1,522.48.

Additionally, on July 2, the defendant unlawfully drove a 1992 Nissan pickup truck, which is valued at more than $950.

After consideration of the facts of the ctime, the judge said the defendant could be sentenced to be three years and eight months. What’s more, the judge explained that “that is not what I am gonna give you, I am just required to explain what the maximum is.”

“How do I complete the program?” asked Elvin.

“I am gonna send you that information to the address you provided,”” said public defender Huang.

The judge then pointed out that the court would give Elvin a month to sign up. “But if you would violate (his probation), you then would face additional custody time of up to three years and eight months,” said the judge.

“I do have one more question. What do I have to do for the project?” asked Elvin.

The judge answered, “You got 270 total. You got a total of 37 extra. It’s a lot. It’s less than a 100 days (work project). Would you like to be still in custody and get all the rest?”

“I can do it two days a week.” said Elvin.

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