SF Jail Population Consistently Less Than 850 Since July Enabling Social Distancing During COVID-19 Pandemic – Breaking Down COVID-19 in CA Jails


(Page 1: San Francisco County Jails, Page 2-4: Santa Rita Jail, Page 5: Sacramento County Jail, Page 6: Santa Clara County Jails, Page 7: LA County Jails, Page 8: OC Jails, Page 9 & 10: BSCC Data – All County Jails & Juvenile Detention Facilities)

1. Alameda County Jail (Santa Rita Jail) – Highlights
Santa Rita Jail’s population surpassed 2100 people over the weekend. The population growth rate suggests that it will continue to rise over the next several weeks, despite the continued threat of COVID-19. 

  • ASCO reports zero active COVID-19 cases in the jail. However, minimal testing, lack of testing prior to quarantine release, and absence of population growth control, suggest that the reported active cases figure is unreliable. In total, there have been 264 reported positive cases.
  • HU 3F and 8B are the housing units designated for individuals with a known exposure to the virus. HU 3E seemingly is no longer designated as a yellow quarantine unit as of Oct. 13.
  • 60 tests have been completed over the weekend. 46 tests are pending results. In total, 4582 tests have been completed since the pandemic began.

Santa Rita Jail Administers No COVID-19 Testing Prior To Quarantine Release, Sheriff’s Office Admits Population Control Is Not A Priority – Weekly Highlights – Breaking Down COVID-19 In CA Jails

Source: The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office updates their website daily with COVID-19 case and testing numbers from the jail. Darby Aono, a Berkeley Law student, has been recording the daily reports in a spreadsheet that dates back to early spring. Her data collection and analysis have been used to produce the dashboards visible above for Santa Rita Jail. 

2. San Francisco County Jails – Highlights
As of Oct. 13, 2020, there has been 1 new positive case, bringing the total to 68 confirmed cases. There is no new data available for those who have been released while active. There are 2 new resolved cases — total resolved cases are 9, and two less active cases — total active cases in custody is 2. 

The incarcerated population is 822 individuals, 28 more than the last report. The population has consistently remained under 850, which suggests that the SF Sheriff’s Office has been prioritizing population growth control which can enable social distancing and protect incarcerated people from COVID-19. 

3. Solano County – Highlights
Solano County Jail
As of Aug. 17, there is 1 active case of COVID-19 in the jail. Since testing began in June, there have been five total confirmed cases. 421 total tests have been administered, 137 more than last week.

Solano Juvenile Detention Center
As of Aug. 17, there are still no confirmed cases in JDF. All individuals are tested at intake and are able to request another test if necessary.

4. Yolo County – Highlights
Yolo County Jail
As of Oct. 12, there are no confirmed cases from a total of 53 tests administered in the jail. The jail population is currently 208, a slight increase since the last recorded population count on August 3, which was 193 persons. 1 person is in medical isolation in the jail.

Yolo County Juvenile Hall
As of July 13, Juvenile Hall reported one positive case out of the 24 tests conducted.

  • According to Yolo County Counsel, Phil Pogledich, “The one positive case is for a youth that tested at a local hospital before he was detained”. 
  • Data shows that the youth who tested positive was released while he was still COVID-19 active.

5. Sacramento County – Highlights
(Sacramento Main Jail & Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center)

As of October 14, there have been 105 total confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Sacramento County jail system. 

  • This reflects a 2% increase since last week and a 7% increase in the last month.
  • There are 3 active cases in the Main Jail and 0 active cases in the Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center, which are the same as last week’s figures for active cases.
  • There are currently 3,216 incarcerated people in both jails. The population has increased by 103 persons since last week, and by 223 persons since Sept. 16.
  • Since last week, there has been a 4% increase in cumulative tests conducted.
  • There was no data provided this week on the number of active cases released from custody. Similarly, there was no data provided on the number of resolved cases.
  • In the Youth Detention Facility, there is 1 active in custody case. This is the first COVID-19 positive case reported for YDF. 
  • 14 tests were administered in YDF last week, compared to 11 tests in the week prior.
  • Sacramento Jail’s COVID-19 cover-up – https://www.davisvanguard.org/2020/08/sacramento-jails-covid-19-coverup-public-information-violations/

6. LA County – Highlights
LA Jail:
As of September 14, there are 49 active cases of COVID-19 in the LA jail system.

  • Of the 49 active cases of the virus within the jail, 42 individuals are symptomatic and 7 asymptomatic. Since testing began, 2888 individuals have recovered from COVID-19 and 265 individuals were released while active. 
  • The total number of incarcerated people tested is approximately 23,058.
  • Since yesterday, 39 new individuals have been booked into the jail, and 51 have been released.
  • There are 43 results pending and 85 incarcerated people in medical isolation.

Note: According to LASD, isolation is designated for individuals with a temperature of 100.4 or higher, or exhibiting certain flu-like symptoms consistent with an upper respiratory infection. All patients in isolation/under observation have either tested positive or are pending results. Further, quarantine is designated for individuals who have had close contact with someone pending test results or a positive patient.

7. Orange County – Highlights
As of September 15, there have been 556 total COVID-19 cases in the Orange County Jail. 

  • Currently, there are 19 active cases in the jail and 72 results pending.
  • At this time, there are 19 incarcerated people in medical isolation due to exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms.
  • There have been no significant increase in COVID-19 cases.

8. Santa Clara County – Highlights
Currently, there are five people in the Santa Clara County jail system positive with COVID-19. This was reported on Oct. 14. In total, 8698 tests have been completed for the incarcerated population. 

There is little data concerning COVID-19 among the jail population available from the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office (SCCSO), compared to, for example, Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, which provides historical data on positive cases, individuals released while active, hospitalizations, deaths, etc. SCCSO only provides data for cumulative tests completed and current number of COVID-19 positive persons in custody.


Alameda County: County Sheriff’s Office updates their website at the end of the day with case and testing numbers from the jail —https://www.alamedacountysheriff.org/admin_covid19.php.
SF County: Director of Communications, San Francisco Sheriff’s Office.
Information on booking statistics: https://app.powerbigov.us/view?r=eyJrIjoiNmJhNmM4NDYtNWUxZi00N2FiLWIxNWItMTA3ZDc2MzY4OWEyIiwidCI6IjIyZDVjMmNmLWNlM2UtNDQzZC05YTdmLWRmY2MwMjMxZjczZiJ9
Solano County: Deputy Leron Cummings, the Public Information Officer, Solano County Sheriff’s Office and Shai Davis, Public Information Officer, Solano County Public Health Office.
Yolo County: Lieutenant Matt Davis, Yolo County Sheriff’s Department and Philip Pogledich, Yolo County Counsel
LA County: Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Custody Division COVID-19 Fact Sheet: https://lasd.org/covid19updates/
Orange County: Orange County Sheriff’s Department: https://www.ocsd.org/about_ocsd/covid_19
Santa Clara County: Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office:
Sacramento County: Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office:
Board of State & Community Corrections (BSCC): On July 15, BSCC Chair, Linda Penner,  requested Sheriffs and Chief Probation Officers to release weekly COVID-19 data for jails and Youth Detention Facilities. This database remains incomplete as many facilities have refused to comply. Further, it does not contain historical data prior to July 20.

By Anna Judson, Alana Bleimann, Ozge Terzioglu, Laruen Smith, Linh Nguyen & Aparna Komarla


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