Letter: In Support of Tom Lopez for Sheriff

by Matthew Davis

Sheriff Tom Lopez is the clear choice for re-election.

The Office of the Sheriff is a role that requires experience and an understanding of the complexities of an organization that employs nearly 300 people working a wide variety of assignments. Having worked his way through the ranks, Sheriff Lopez is the most knowledgeable person at the Sheriff’s Office which greatly benefits those who work for him. In fact, it for this reason that the Sheriff’s Management Association (SMA) endorsed Tom Lopez without hesitation. The SMA is comprised the Sheriff Office’s Sergeants, Lieutenants, and Captains. We are the group that have perspective on the difficult job Sheriff Lopez does every day and we know how well he serves his staff and community.

The Sheriff’s Office cannot afford to have a leader without any supervisory experience whatsoever and who completely lacks higher education that might help bridge that chasm.

Sheriff Lopez’ four decades of public safety service have prepared him to responsibly lead the Sheriff’s Office. During his first term Sheriff Lopez was faced with unprecedented challenges, yet the Office has continued to move forward. Under Lopez’ guidance, the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office has returned a balanced budget every year. He has also built strong working relationships with the Board of Supervisors allowing him to make good on campaign promises such as reviving the Resident Deputy program. It is no accident that all five Board of Supervisors have endorsed Sheriff Lopez for re-election.

Sheriff Lopez is so clearly the correct choice he has been endorsed by both the Yolo County Democratic Party and the Yolo County Republican Party. The Office of the Sheriff is non-partisan, and Sheriff Lopez has proven he understands that decisions must be made for all of Yolo County.

As one of the three Captains at the Sheriff’s Office, I have the opportunity to work closely with Sheriff Lopez. My unique perspective makes me certain that Tom Lopez is the most capable member of our agency to be in the lead role.

Experience, education, and qualifications matter. Join me in again voting for Tom Lopez for Yolo County Sheriff.

Captain Matthew Davis, Yolo County Sheriff’s Office

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