Commentary: No One Should Go Through These Things

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By David C

This serves as a report of an incident that I witnessed on December 29, 2022. I went out to an outside hospital for chest pain. Two officers, male C.O. A. Villapando and a female C.O., escorted me. As I sat on the hospital bed, I heard Villapando make sexual remarks about the other officer. He repeatedly asked her to go to his house. I could tell she was uncomfortable and she kept saying “no.” I felt like I should say something but bit my tongue; I did nothing and pretended to sleep.

He kept getting close to her, touching her knees at one point, but she moved away. See, I was raped in prison. This is why I am doing this. No one should go through these things. Later that night I was discharged. The time while driving me back the C.O.s should turn on their cameras but I am not sure if they did. I saw Villapando repeatedly reaching over to touch her but couldn’t clearly see. When they dropped me off in the yard, we were all still in the van and I moved toward the front. I witnessed Villapando reach over and put his hand underneath her ass, groping her. She tried to pull away but couldn’t and I left to the yard. I filed a report on behalf of the Office of the Inspector General. The response found that my claims were not sustained.


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