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By Jose Delgado

Once I became exposed to the industry of human warehousing, I was introduced to a culture of people who did not lack the depravity to use humans for financial gain, depriving them of their civil rights in the interest of penology. The tactic of controlling people through ignorance is widely practiced. The promotion of discord and genocide is ever-present. The more of us stay in darkness the more their children gain succession.

They have bred a subculture of people who do not see a future in knowledge, a ruinous culture that is destructive and violent. They are trained to victimize those around them who are kind, seeing kindness as a weakness. Connecting someone who is well-spoken to having an education, is a sign to them that you have not spent time in the streets. The modern overseers say that their mission is to have us put down the guns and pick up a book, a lie to the masses to gain their taxes.

I think of slavery as a tree that was planted in America 500 years ago. It grew upwards and deep into the land for hundreds of years until it was finally cut down. It was made into books. Its roots survive underground. I see the similarities between the tree and its roots. They thrive by depriving others of education, and by doing so they will keep us in mental darkness.

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