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By Navarro Phillips

I am currently housed at Dixon C.C in Illinois. I want to bring attention to the fact of Dixon prison in Illinois allowing officers to use a Nark II drug test to yield positive tests for synthetic cannabinoids. I am currently serving 28 days and 2 months commissary restriction for a bogus test. I read recently in the Prison Legal News that it is impossible to use a Nark II test kit to yield a positive test for synthetic cannabinoids. There are plenty of guys in my situation who just lie down, plead guilty on this matter, and serve their disciplinary action, not me.

I’m trying to bring awareness to anybody and everybody that this is not right. This is a violation of my civil rights. This situation I’m in is going on all over the U.S. Dixon is putting people in Restrictive Housing (Seg) with no repercussions behind it. I will be filing a lawsuit and eventually a class action suit all over Illinois because this is not right. Dixon is testing all kinds of paper saying it is synthetic cannabinoid rather than sending it to a lab for professional testing. I will keep you updated on my current situation.

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