Response to Vanguard Column: ‘Deeply Irresponsible and Inflammatory Piece’

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Allie Snyder posted this on Twitter on Wednesday in response to the Vanguard Wednesday column…

I am disgusted to see the @DavisVanguard publish this deeply irresponsible and inflammatory piece today.

Beth is one of the bravest women I know, and I am proud to call her my friend. She has done so much to bring awareness to the child endangering policies rampant within our school district and town.

She has been completely steadfast and compassionate in the face of vicious verbal and online attacks from cry-bullies and gender cultists in our community.

David, you should be ashamed of yourself for this outrageous commentary. You are blaming a concerned mother for the actions of an unknown terrorist as if targeting and intimidating her will make this deranged lunatic stop their awful threats against our schools.

Meanwhile, YOU should be using your platform to remind our community not to jump to rash conclusions and unfounded accusations.

YOU should be investigating the crystal clear evidence of indoctrination Beth has unearthed.

YOU should be reporting on women and girls losing access to safety, dignity and privacy within our single sex spaces and sports.

YOU should be investigating the Antifa cell we have on our university campus.

YOU should be reporting on the ever increasing number of detransitioners speaking out about how they were groomed into medicalization, sterilization and the removal of healthy body parts.

Instead your piece makes it clear you’re just angry this uppity woman isn’t saying what YOU want her to say, and you seem to want her punished for it.

Absolutely disgraceful.

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  1. Walter Shwe

    I am absolutely disgusted by this response from a real live supporter/member of the vile radical and extremist terrorists/bigots of the Moms for Liberty. She didn’t have the guts to post her response to David’s piece here instead of on the bigoted and racist Republican Twitter platform.

  2. Kendra Smith

    Who cares if they are insulted at people calling them out for who and what they are?

    Maybe they can try being decent human beings. And “cry bullies?” Given what these women and their supporters have done to this community, that is laughable.

    Not a one of them are brave, let alone their ringleader.

    The number of detransitioners is a very, very tiny group.

    More lies and misinformation and propaganda from this Orwellian-named group.

  3. Kendra Smith

    Walter: Of course they don’t have the guts to post to him here. They’d rather use Xitter and stir up their right wing bully boys against anyone who is against them.

    And eventually, someone is likely to get hurt because of their rhetoric.

  4. Kendra Smith

    And I would like to add that with this “outrage” the Moms for Liberty are engaging in a classic fascist (and abuser) tactic called DARVO: Deny, Accuse, and Reverse Victim and Offender.

    Lastly, there is no antifa. I made more lengthy comment about this on the previous piece about this matter. The DHS and FBI notes that extremist right wing organizations are the #1 threat to this country right now.

    Any purported “antifa” isn’t on that list, nor do they exist as an organized group. Only in the minds of right wingers.

    There has never been an appreciable violent left in this country with the exception of a brief blip in the 60s. There has *always* been a violent right wing in this country.


      1. Keith Olsen

        I had to laugh pretty hard at the notion of an antifa cell.

        I don’t know about a cell but it’s been reported that Antifa has shown up at protests against conservative speakers on campus.

        1. Kendra Smith

          “I don’t know about a cell but it’s been reported that Antifa has shown up at protests against conservative speakers on campus.”

          This is called “freedom of speech” and “consequences.” Those that you label “antifa” have a right to protest.

          I’m sure you’re not up in arms when the right wing extremists come out to protest LGBTQ+ and other “liberal” events. I’m sure you would defend that as their “freedom of speech.”

          Once again, for those who can’t hear, there. is. no. organized. left-wing. groups. that. pose. a. danger. to. this. country. on. any. appreciable. level.

          It’s the right wing, as noted by DHS and the FBI that is the #1 threat. Period. No one else is leveling violent threats or murdering people for who they are (like that right wing fellow who gunned down the mother of 9 in SoCal for the “crime” of flying a Pride flag).

          Keep deflecting from your compatriots, though. Deny it to the bitter end.

        2. Richard McCann

          Keith O

          Antifa is quite open about its opposition. I’m not aware of its running false flag operations (and its been well proven that law enforcement personnel, most often operating as lone wolfs, have run false flag operations against antifa protests.) There’s absolutely no reason to believe that it would be doing so in this situation.

          Further, I saw a study a couple years ago (I think by the Anti Defamation League) that found that false flat terrorist threats were a tiny percent (much less than 1%) of actual incidents.

          This is just an attempt to divert attention from the true source of the threat. That it started immediately after the library incident and is so specifically targeted points to actors who are associated with Moms for Liberty in some fashion.

  5. Keith Olsen

    Beth is one of the bravest women 

    I agree…

    She has been completely steadfast and compassionate in the face of vicious verbal and 
    online attacks from cry-bullies and gender cultists in our community.

    I agree…

    You are blaming a concerned mother for the actions of an unknown terrorist as if targeting and intimidating her will make this deranged lunatic stop their awful threats against our schools.
    Meanwhile, YOU should be using your platform to remind our community not to jump to rash conclusions and unfounded accusations.

    I agree…



    1. Richard McCann

      Given that Beth Bourne has refused to forcefully condemn the threats and appears to be using the notoriety to raise the visibility of her issues, there’s no particular reason to believe that the threats are misaligned with her objectives. False flag threats are a tiny percentage of overall terrorist threats so we need to go with the preponderance of the evidence.

      1. Keith Olsen

        Given that Beth Bourne has refused to forcefully condemn the threats

        What are you talking about?  Beth has put out a statement:

        “The threats of violence made toward the Mary L. Stephens Davis Branch Library and its staff are appalling. We are deeply disheartened to learn of these threats and how it disrupts and jeopardizes the safety of the community.”

        “The response to speech that you disagree with is always more speech. Violence is never the appropriate response.”

        “Any news reporting that would imply our organizations are in any way associated with or responsible for these threats is wrong and maliciously inaccurate.”


        1. Keith Olsen

          Several people personally asked her to make a statement this week, including myself, and she declined.

          How many statements does she have to make?  She’s already denounced the threats.

          I don’t think any amount would satisfy many of you.


        2. Sharla Cheney

          Keith, This statement came late and was the exact same statement that the California Family Council, the national Moms for Liberty and the Moms for Liberty – Yolo Chapter sent out on the same day.  This was never “Beth’s Statement.”  Per Darren Pytel, Chief of Police, Beth has lawyers advising and guiding her actions.  I don’t believe she is disheartened at all.  She seems to relish the disruption and resulting media attention.

        3. Keith Olsen

          Beth’s statement or not, the Davis Vanguard reported:

          After the third such threat on Monday, Beth Bourne finally put out a statement on behalf of the Yolo County Moms For Liberty group: 

          So obviously she stands behind that statement.  I think that’s good enough for most people but some will never be satisfied no matter what statement she puts out.

  6. Sharla Cheney

    To my knowledge, Allie Snyder recruited Beth to join Moms for Liberty.  She started out holding M4L meetings in West Sacramento and Clarksburg to protest COVID mandates.  She floats around using her “just a concerned parent” persona while carrying out the national Moms for Liberty agenda in the region in a  slightly under the radar/ behind the scenes manner. Why else would she use Twitter, instead of just responding directly?

    1. Kendra Smith

      One reason is so they can stir up their right wing extremist bully boys who inhabit Twitter and can put targets on the backs of anyone who speaks out against their agenda while maintaining an aura of plausible deniability.

      I never would have thought this type of situation would get started in Davis and its surroundings.

  7. Ron Glick

    How often should activists condemn terrorist threats against children? Every time they occur. The history of violent political activity in the United States during my lifetime, whether its KKK, the Weather Underground, Black Panthers, the Symbiones Liberation Army, Earth First, Proud Boys or Moms for Liberty is that those who fail to condemn violence lose the support of the public. I think that is where we are in this community.

    The idea that activists refuse to condemn violent threats against schoolchildren unless they get some political opportunity in return isn’t going to win the hearts and minds of civil society. At this point I have no idea who Moms for Liberty thinks they are persuading. If the threats are a false flag action its easy to condemn because its detrimental to the political argument. If the threats are from  supporters of Moms For Liberty the local activists need to condemn these ongoing violent threats because they are ruining your ability to make your case to the local community. Either way not speaking out against these threats is doing more to hurt your cause than help it.

    Many local leaders spoke out again when this latest round of threats happened. The Moms for Liberty’s failure to do so and join the chorus of opposition to threats of violence against children leaves them isolated and alienated from this community specifically and civil society generally.


    1. David Greenwald

      I agree.

      Also at a more basic level, I have no idea what they think they are accomplishing at this point. They’ve not only polarized the community, they’ve angered anyone who possibly could have supported some sort of discussion. So they’ve closed the door on themselves and they look like a bunch of yahoos in the process which is actually undermining their cause.

      1. Keith Olsen

        Shall we make a list on everyone who has and hasn’t spoke out on every bomb threat?

        Beth Bourne has already spoken against the threats, what more do you want?


        1. David Greenwald

          I think everyone here has already answered what more they wanted. So I’m not sure what you want at this point. We simply disagree with you on what her obligation is.

          I wanted to be able to run something along the lines: “Local Moms For Liberty Leader Calls on Bomb Threats To Stop”

          And I know someone else provided a statement that she merely had to sign off on.

  8. Ron Glick

    What more do I want? I want repeated repudiation of threats of violence at every opportunity. Unless that is your position I’m not interested in anything else you have to say.

  9. Eleanora Glick

    The only “gender cultists” are Moms for Liberty themselves. I am sick and tired of this. I was there during a protest where they spouted homophobic, transphobic rhetoric, and ableist rhetoric. I talked to them. I was there. Flat out telling me that autistic people were in “danger” of becoming trans. As if being trans is a disease while also infantilizing autistic people in the process. Flat out telling me that children being manipulated into becoming trans. As if having pride flags in a classroom means that your kid is going to be trans. God forbid that someone has a flag, letting people know that they are accepted. I guess acceptance is not allowed anymore. Flat out attacking multiple wonderful teachers at DJUSD. Attacking teachers for being welcoming and kind. Attacking teachers for simply talking to their students and being honest that they can feel safe in their classroom.

    I think Allie forgot something. Beth is refusing to condemn the violence. Beth and all these Moms for Liberty. They are refusing to condemn the bomb threats against schools and our library. Our children’s learning is being disrupted, our money is going to waste, OUR TIME is going to waste. As my dad said, when you refuse to condemn violence, you are condoning it.

    I personally am an ardent defender of listening to all sides. No matter how much I disagree, I tried to listen and hear them out. I usually draw the line around antisemitism because of my personal beliefs. However, we cannot have a reasonable conversation when there are bomb threats every week being thrown at us. Many people that were willing to hear them out (including myself) are very much not willing to anymore. Until the violence stops, we cannot have a conversation.

    1. r bulman

      The chair of the Yolo County chapter of Moms for Liberty issued a statement on behalf of M4L condemning the initial bomb threats. When asked directly on her very public Facebook page if she condemned the second round of threats directed at the schools and individuals she refused at first to reply. After another invitation to condemn the second round of attacks she did eventually reply directly – not with a statement, but a graphic picture, without comment or context, of a trans individual who had recently undergone cosmetic surgery. It was a tasteless and tone-deaf response to an important request in this current environment. (She later recycled the original statement and posted it deep in a thread on her Facebook page). As others have said, if she truly believes (as she has stated) that the bomb threats are a “false flag,” why would she not bend over backwards to make sure everyone knows that she and M4L reject terrorism as a political tactic?

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