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The People’s Vanguard of Davis is a 501(c)3 non-profit, a community-based watchdog and news reporting organization that publishes daily covering the city of Davis, Yolo County Courts, and other regional news and commentary. The Vanguard seeks to bring transparency, accountability and fairness to local government, while promoting social justice and democracy, and adhering to principles of accuracy and fairness in our reporting.


Cecilia Escamilla-Greenwald

Anya McCann is the Marketing Manager for the locally-owned water engineering firm, West Yost Associates. She spends her free time on food system, environmental, homelessness, mental illness, and other social justice issues in the Davis area. She is the founder of COOL Cuisine, advocating for more plant-based options in restaurants and works on issues of stigma on behalf of the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Anya serves on the City of Davis Natural Resources Commission and is on the Greenhouse Gas/Air Quality and Hazardous Substances sub-committees.


Nathalie Mvondo is a writer, blogger, community organizer and entrepreneur. She is the founder of Multiculturalism Rocks!, a blog that highlights cultural diversity in the arts, with an emphasis on children’s books. She is a founding member of the Davis Network for Africa (DNA), a grassroots organization that serves as a support group for Africans and friends of Africa, and contributes to spaces for intercultural interactions and philanthropic efforts for social and economic issues.



Sean Raycraft is a shop steward, labor activist, community organizer and elected Democratic Delegate for Assembly District 4. He campaigns and writes about social and economic justice, workers rights, progressive activism and electoral politics. He lives in El Macero with his talented, intelligent and beautiful fiance and our three black rescue cats.


Tia Will
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