Winter Fund Drive: Vanguard Needs to Raise $90 by End of December



Hello readers, it is the end of the year and we are doing our annual drive for donations to help us end this year strong and move into 2017 with the resources we need to continue to bring the latest news and commentary to the Vanguard.

We are looking for a modest $3000 which will keep our office open, pay our staff, and keep the website going.

Whether you can give $10 – $25 – $50 – $100 or $1000 every bit matters.

Please help us today.

How to help:

Through Go Fund Me:

PayPal: go to the Vanguard ( and hit donate at the top

By Check: mail to Davis Vanguard PO Pox 4715, Davis, CA 95617

ALL DONATIONS are tax deductible – Thanks again and happy holidays


About The Author

David Greenwald is the founder, editor, and executive director of the Davis Vanguard. He founded the Vanguard in 2006. David Greenwald moved to Davis in 1996 to attend Graduate School at UC Davis in Political Science. He lives in South Davis with his wife Cecilia Escamilla Greenwald and three children.

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7 thoughts on “Winter Fund Drive: Vanguard Needs to Raise $90 by End of December”

  1. hpierce

    David… you seek contributions @ the time year of “giving” … fair enough….

    If I was you, (and I’m not), I’d ask for contributions to the VG, AND an equal or greater contribution to STEAC, Habitat for Humanity, etc.  In this season of generosity, etc. you chose not to do so…  your choice… that’s fine…

    In the past two months, this family has contributed over $500 and 40 hours of volunteer time for local efforts to help folk that you posit you are concerned about… the yearly numbers are ~ 9X larger… not even counting the DJUSD parcel “tax” financial thing…

    I’ll put some trust in you & the VG… count on a contribution of $200, which we will double [to others] to feed the poor, house the homeless…

    Ball is now in your court, as we say…

    1. Marina Kalugin

      wow what a noble person you are and what a noble family you have hp….  and since you are one of the top posters on the DV one might think you might want to show a little appreciation to the venue where you get to push your agenda and espouse your brilliance many times daily

      and PS>  I do put my money where my mouth is.. always have … always will….and even when I had no money I always shared even more time..

      I am sure your family does also…. and others here..

      so open up the wallets and perhaps those who are here more than others can pony up even more?

  2. Tia Will


    In this time of caring and giving, I find yours to be a very judgmental comment. I do not believe that it is one that David can reasonably respond to, so I am going to.

    You have given an accounting of your families charitable endeavors which I find very laudable.  David and his wife are what I consider exemplars of charitable contribution to the community on a year round, not just seasonal basis. You may  not be aware of their activities as advocates for child care and disadvantaged members of our community. But I am.  As just one example, Cecelia despite the demands of raising three children, and working,  manages to serve as a liaison between various individuals including developers and the Spanish only speaking members of our community. David gives many, many hours to the goal of reporting ( as well as opining ) and training others to objectively observe and report on many aspects of our community.  Not all “giving” is measured in dollars. For many of us time is fully as valuable as money and I honestly cannot think of a family that contributes more in terms of their time to the betterment of our community than do the Greenwalds. And yet you choose to criticize him publicly for not making the ask for other charities all of whom are making their own requests.

  3. David Greenwald Post author

    I didn’t take hpierce’s comments the same way.  I’m looking into the possibility of a one-day fundraiser where half the proceeds would go to another organization.  They are currently considering the offer.  Right now, the Vanguard has monthly bills and we are kind of raising money month to month to support those bills.

  4. David Greenwald Post author

    I made a few inquiries, but it seems there is a reluctance for groups to have outside organizations share in a fundraiser.

    In the meantime, we have just $370 to raise to reach our goal.  Then we can close the book on fundraising this month and turn our attention to the Burris event on february 4 in Sacramento and creating a bigger base of sustaining donors, so that we don’t have to do monthly drives as often.

    This was an interesting transition year for the Vanguard but we’ve stayed afloat.

    My goal is more professional staff for next year- takes the workload off me and transitions the site to where I want it to be – a professional news organization.

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