SPD Underground Page Goes After BLM Members


(From Press Release) – Black Lives Matter Sacramento charged today that a Facebook page “SPD Underground” that purports to represent Sacramento City Police may involve top level city officials, and that the page is encouraging violent people – including SPD officers – to target and harass Black Lives Matter Sacramento members.

SPD Underground has been called “racist and hateful,” targeting community and media critical of SPD,  including leaders of BLM. (Click here for page).

Tanya Faison, Black Lives Matter Sacramento organizer, said that while she still believes a “blue lives matter” person runs the page, recent information suggests others in city government – in addition to SPD officers – are involved after information she shared only with Asst City Manager Arturo Sanchez and OPSA’s Francine Tournour was made public on the SPD Underground page.

BLM has encouraged the City of Sacramento take action, but it has not, refusing to discipline the officers  and other city workers responsible for its content. BLM members have said the page is unprofessional, a clear violation of confidentiality, and creates an unsafe community by the very people who swear under oath to “protect and serve.”

BLM said that “If the city turns its head to this, (it) is once again giving permission to police officers to degrade and abuse our community.”

Here is the post from June 18:

It’s probably difficult for people that follow BLM to spot actual racism when they throw the term around so freely to anyone who has a different opinion.

Take this site for example. You know how much hate mail we get from trolls who think we are racist because we stated the fact that we interact (they call us) with people of color at a higher rate than their exact percentage of the population?

Tanya Faison post that she supports keeping Oak Park black…..can’t get much more racist than that. So besides being a proven liar (refer to previous posts) she is also a racist. Pretty funny to watch the white liberals still grovel for her affection even after she posts something as blatantly racist as that.

She is also one of the people who the Sacramento City Council had review our use of force policy and the local media still actually interviews her for stories…..sad.

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2 thoughts on “SPD Underground Page Goes After BLM Members”

  1. Claire Benoit

    That’s going to be a vicious fight

    I worked with Tanya many years ago. She was one of the most mean spirited people I ever met, lol. i think she disliked me for smiling too big when she was talking to someone – I don’t know… anyway I think she is probably a tough fighter and the BLM movement will benefit from someone like her spearheading them.

    Shes not racist but she’s mean as hell 😜

    1. Tanya Faison

      Mean spirited? I’ve never met you in my life!

      I am so mean I have dedicated my life to fighting for my community with no pay 25/8


      That was a really mean thing to say about me.

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