Capitol Riot Case: Groups Claim CHP, Sacramento DA Colluded with Nazi Groups

Mike Williams

By Crescenzo Vellucci

The California Highway Patrol and Sacramento District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert are guilty of “collusion with Nazis,” and are involved in a “witchhunt” targeting anti-racist protestors, according to lawyers for immigrant rights and civil rights leader Yvette Felarca, one of three counter-demonstrators facing felony charges stemming from a riot at the State Capitol June 26, 2016.

Also facing felony charges are Mike Williams of Woodland and Porfirio Paz of Southern California. Their lawyers are expected to join the motion Feb. 9 in a hearing in Sacramento.

Felarca’s lawyers insist the three defendants’ rights are being violated, and announced that Schubert and the CHP will be “put on trial” at a “Public Tribunal” this Thursday, Feb. 8 from 6-8 p.m. at Southside Co-Housing Common House, 434 T St. The defense promised to present “evidence and analysis of the witchhunt targeting anti-fascist and anti-racist protesters Felarca, Paz, and Williams.”

The motion to dismiss will be heard Friday, Feb. 9 at 1:30 (County Jail Court, 651 I St.)

According to the explosive motion just filed to dismiss all charges against anti-racist demonstrators provided the Davis Vanguard:

“If the prosecution of Felarca, Paz, and Williams proceeds, then Donald Trump will have already achieved one of his central aims: the substitution of authoritarianism for constitutional due process rights and democratic norms…A policy of naked state discrimination and persecution of racial minorities and left-wing political activists would be a fact and reality. The rule of law would be replaced by tyranny.”

The motion charges, “The California Highway Patrol and Sacramento District Attorney covered-up for and colluded with the fascists and are carrying out a political witch-hunt against Felarca and other anti-fascist protesters, in violation of their right to freedom of speech and association and their right to equal protection under the law (1st and 14th Amendments). The criminal charges brought against Felarca, Paz, and Williams are a political witch-hunt and constitute discrimination based on political viewpoint and race in violation of the First and Fourteenth Amendments.”

Lawyers explained, “It was and is widely known that (white power groups) came to the Capitol grounds on June 26, 2016 armed with knives and stabbed at least seven anti-fascist demonstrators,
all but one black, Latina/o and Asian anti-fascists.

”The police and DA’s policy of allowing Nazis to get away with attempted murder in Sacramento and pursuing charges against the anti-racists who stood up to them set the stage for the lynch-mobs and murder in Charlottesville a year later. The blood of Heather Heyer is on the hands of the California Highway Patrol, the Sacramento Police, and DA Schubert,” said lawyers.

The motion to dismiss claims, “The CHP and the DA’s cover-up and collusion with the fascists in Sacramento sent a message to (Traditionalist Workers Party) TWP leader Matthew Heimbach, the main organizer of the Sacramento demonstration as well as a central organizer and participant in the August 11-12, 2017 ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, that he and his racist thugs could commit murder in broad daylight and get away with it.

“The police policy of allowing the fascists to get away with their attack at the State Capitol in 2016 set off a chain of events that began with the near-murders in Sacramento and ended with the murder of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville,” charged lawyers in the motion to dismiss.

The filed motion suggests there is no real evidence against Felarca – a claim repeatedly made by Mark Reichel and Linda Parisi, lawyers for the other two defendants – and that discovery presented consists primarily of video, pictures and documents “apparently copied from neo-fascist and alt-right Facebook pages and blogs, reports of decades-old political activities of Felarca in defense of women’s rights, reports on her union organizing, her lawsuit against Berkeley Unified School District (BUSD), and her activity in filing a union grievance as a site representative at Martin Luther King Middle School—documents that all point to the political targeting of Felarca.”

At the Capitol protest, protestors were stabbed and hospitalized, and law enforcement was accused by observers and counter protestors of doing little to nothing to stop the bloodshed.

“In the aftermath, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) and Sacramento District Attorney (DA) have done nothing to prosecute the fascists who attempted to murder people in Sacramento.  The cover-up began immediately, with police interrogating and harassing injured counter protesters in their hospital beds while doing nothing to pursue charges against the Nazis who had stabbed them. The police released unsubstantiated public statements blaming anti-fascist protesters within twenty-four hours,” according to the motion to dismiss.

In a statement released this week, supporters said:
“On June 26, 2016 white supremacist supporters of Donald Trump came to the state capitol in Sacramento armed with knives, homemade spears, and clubs. These fascist scum were affiliated with the violent Nazi organizations Traditionalist Workers Party and Golden State Skinheads. They stabbed and attempted to murder unarmed black, Latina/o, Asian, Arab, and white anti-racist and anti-fascist counter-protesters.

“The 133 police who were present on the ground stood by and did nothing protect the counter-protesters or to stop the Nazi assault. At least 7 anti-racists were hospitalized for stab wounds, head injuries, and fractured bones, with some requiring invasive surgery as a result of the Nazi attack. But instead of arresting the racists, the police and District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert have scapegoated and 3 anti-racist and anti-fascists fighters with fabricated felony and misdemeanor charges: Yvette Felarca, Mike Williams, and Porfirio Paz.”

Supporters said defendants have “ample evidence of the police collusion with the Nazis,” insisting that “police have the names and pictures of every white nationalist with their knife out on the capitol grounds on the day of the protest, yet arrested none of them. Despite a mountain of paperwork, they submit as evidence against the anti-racist defendants, they included not a single police report or police video footage written or filmed on the day.”

Defendants’ supporters lay part of the blame on Pres. Trump and his reported “racist rhetoric” that has, according to some, empowered and enabled racist elements, saying:

“Trump is capable of creating a tyrannical authoritarian regime. Every day brings a new example of Trump’s assault on democracy: arresting and terrorizing immigrants and Muslims, empowering police to target and brutalize black and Latina/o communities, encouraging the rape and sexual assault of women and active discrimination against LGBT people, and obstructing justice…the groups that call themselves Nazi, KKK, neo-Confederates are the equivalent to the fascists who followed Mussolini in Italy and Hitler in Germany.”

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  1. Mike Hart04

    David I respect your right to publish whatever you wish, but this domestic terror group “antifa” has as much credibility and social merit as the Nazis, ISIS or the KKK and should be dealt with similarly.

  2. PhilColeman

    Ignoring for the moment the layered levels of unsubstantiated conjecture that were essential to the construction of this provocative column, much value can be everybody regarding the February 9th, hearing. Please have the staff member be assigned to do a follow-up report of the court finding to the many claims of injustice, along with multiple conspiracies involving all levels of government.

    If even a tiny percentage of these assertions are proven to be factual, the author of this story automatically receives my strong support for the next Pulitzer Prize in investigative journalism.


  3. Alan Miller

    Very ballsy of the defense.  I watched the videos, and clearly Ms. F is attacking the white supremacists, one of whom just stood there.  I have read extensively about Ms. F, and her and her peeps and angry, vile human beings. Go to “”, a fantastic and surprisingly unbiased blog based in Berkeley, and read the comments on any article on Ms. F. You will find even in the most liberal city in America, there is little love for Ms. F. I have to agree with Trump when he stated that there are bad people on both sides.  This lame idea that Antifa is on our “side” so we should support them over the white supremacists holds no water.  Ironically, the anti-fascists are acting like fascists.  As a Jew, no love of white supremacists here; as a believer in non-violence first, no love for Antifa.  Hook your horse to Antifa, you alienate those who are further right into thinking we’re all that radical, or at least support such radicalism.  And what do you get:  the D.T.

        1. Howard P

          Coo-coo-cachoo… “laugh about it, shout about about it, when you’ve got to choose, every way you look at it, you lose…”

          Words from about 40 years ago… [P.S.]

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