Judges Denies Lower Bail Request for Man Accused of Beating Girlfriend

By Yuanqi Ivy Zhou

SACRAMENTO – Defendant Dion Dates asked to have his bail lowered here in Sacramento County Superior Court, even though he’s facing serious felony charges related to a series of beatings and violent threats against his girlfriend about a year ago.

The court turned him down.

Deputy District Attorney Anissa Galata argued that Dates’ bail should remain at $50,000 for the safety of the victim and the community, noting the defendant’s past conduct, as well as the defendant’s lengthy criminal history and propensity for violence.

“Based on his conduct, the injuries involved, his propensity for violence, his lengthy criminal history, I am concerned for the victim’s and community’s safety. I would ask that bail remain as set,” maintained DDA Galata.

His defense attorney said bail should be lowered because Dates is no longer on probation or parole, his crime occurred nearly 11 months ago, he has a job at the Sacramento Late Night Auto Repair, he can live with his mother, and he suffers from congestive heart failure which needs medical attention from a specialist not received since being put in custody.

Dates was charged with PC § 245(a)(1) assault with a deadly weapon or instrument, PC § 273.5(a) corporal injury on spouse or cohabitant, and PC § 422 threats to commit crime resulting in death.

The defendant and the victim were in a dating relationship with no children.

According to the DA’s reading in court:

On September 7, 2019, the defendant kicked down the door to the victim’s apartment and entered to physically harm her. The defendant punched the victim 10 times with a closed fist at the victim’s face, giving the victim a black eye. The defendant also took off his belt and hit the victim’s head, causing her head to bleed.

And, on September 13, 2019, the defendant went into the victim’s house unannounced, and DDA Galata said that “the victim was fearful that time” as the argument escalated. During the argument, the defendant became angry, shoved the victim, yelled at her to not scream and shut up, and swung a wall fixture, hitting her legs.

The morning after this argument, the defendant told the victim she could not go anywhere, using a hammer as a threat. Galata quoted Dates: “You’re not going anywhere; I will kill you with this hammer.”

Refusing to comply with the defendant’s demands, the victim called her mom and planned to meet with her so she could get out of the house. Initially, the defendant would not allow her to leave the house, but changed his mind. After allowing her to leave, the defendant took her phone, was quite angry, and told her he would kill her if anyone came back to the house.

Throughout the duration of these events, the victim recalled that the defendant held her down and said, “You’re a stupid b***h, lay down or I’ll shoot your f***ing ass.”

The victim said that in terms of injuries, she may have suffered from a seizure, and suffered bruises on her thigh, calves and knees during this incident.

On September 17, 2020, the defendant continued to threaten the victim, but this time with a pocketknife. Evidence from the law enforcement investigation and apartment maintenance witness supported the defendant’s use of a knife in his assault.

In Galata’s conversation with the victim, she continually emphasized that she is very scared of his threats because she believed that the defendant would actually carry them out and would actually kill her.

The defendant also holds a lengthy criminal history, including: 1989, a PC § 245 violation for firearm felony involving a sustained juvenile; 1992, hit and run felony with two years sentence to state prison; 2004, driving under the influence misdemeanor; 2006, PC §§ 11350 and 245 violations for assault with a four-year sentence in state prison; December 2017, parole violation with 90-day sentence to state prison; September 2014, PC § 246.3 violation for using firearms with a 32-month sentence to state prison; and seven bench warrants dating back from 1990 to 2005.

Galata concluded, “Based on his conduct, the injuries involved, his propensity for violence, his lengthy criminal history, I am concerned for the victim’s and community’s safety. I would ask that bail remains set.”

Court Commissioner Ken Brody ruled on behalf of the court stating, “Dates is a risk to the safety of the victim and community, and this is a significant concern of the court. The court concludes that the request for $50,000 bail is denied and bail will remain as set.”

There continues to be an ongoing investigation regarding this case. The matter will return on September 3 at 8:30 a.m. in Department 60 for further proceedings.

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