Sacramento Man Accused of Breaking into Neighbor’s Home, Exposing Himself


By Roxanna Jarvis

SACRAMENTO – A Sacramento man remains on bail after being the suspect in an “odd” burglary case—one in which he exposed himself to his female neighbor.

The defendant, Corey Brooks, was arrested for indecent exposure of private parts in a public space on July 31. He was present in custody in Sacramento County Superior Court for a bail review early this week regarding the incident.

Deputy District Attorney James Wax claimed that Brooks entering his neighbor’s home was different from other burglaries. “This wasn’t just a normal burglary,” declared Wax. “it was kind of an odd case.”

At the early morning hour of 6 a.m., Brooks’ neighbor (the victim in the case) woke up to the defendant standing at the foot of her bed masturbating. Although the room was dark, the victim stated it was clear what Brooks was doing. When the victim saw him, Brooks put his finger up to his mouth and told her to “hush.”

The victim’s bedroom was located toward the back of the house and the bedroom door had been closed. In the room with the victim were also her two children, a one-year-old and a young teenage female. “He had to be confronted by a male in the home after she had yelled,” informed Wax.

Brooks was found a short time later, located where he was believed to be residing, next door to the victim. When officers attempted to take Brooks into custody, he was in the bathroom naked and refused to put his clothes on. Officers had to put him into a control hold and wrap him into a towel.

“He may have been going to the bathroom, that’s not clear. But…there’s a sexual component to this,” said Wax.

This isn’t the first encounter the victim has had with Brooks. According to DDA Wax, Brooks made “suggestive” comments to the victim in the past, allegedly saying “you look good, mama” to her in Spanish as she attempted to load her child into her car. Brooks also has called the victim’s husband racial slurs in the past.

During the bail review, Brooks’ attorney, Assistant Public Defender Susannah Martin, asked that Brooks be released on his own recognizance because of his outside responsibilities.

“He does have a job at a landscaping business, as well as a record label. He has children that he cares for, eight and nine-years-old; he was living at mom’s house,” explained Martin. She added Brooks started taking Seroquel while in custody, a medication used to treat certain mental or mood conditions, working to restore balance in the brain. Martin mentioned a second medication, which, due to audio difficulties, was difficult to determine.

Wax, on the other hand, disagreed with Martin’s request. “I’m not comfortable at all with him being released. This is a strike offense; it’s a first-degree burglary,” argued Wax. “There’s also the potential for enhancement because someone was home at the time, so that will likely be added in the future.”

Wax instead asked that Brook’s bail of $50,000 be increased to $100,000.
“There may be some mental health things, as reference there were some medications involved. But whether that’s the case or not, that doesn’t really give us any confidence that he would be safe in the community,” Wax explained.

Martin then mentioned that Brooks would be able to stay at his sister’s in North Natomas or his friend’s in a different location.

In the past, Brooks has been arrested for domestic violence. In 2013, Brooks was charged with a misdemeanor for the offense. He had a second arrest for domestic violence in 2017, but it was never filed due to mutual combat. Both domestic violence incidents involved the same person.

“It definitely seems like a mental health component here. It seems like it from listening to the facts,” concluded Judge Michael W. Sweet.

Judge Sweet decided to keep Brooks in custody, with his bail remaining at $50,000. Sweet also issued Brooks a no-contact order against the victim in the case.

Sweet then set the next court date out two weeks to allow time for PD Martin to learn more about Brook’s mental health situation. Both parties are hoping to settle the case within that time frame.

Brooks is due in court on Sept. 1, at 8:30 a.m. in Department 61.

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