Letter: A Barret – No Justice, No Peace


By Scott Steward Ragsdale

The rush to hearings for Justice Ginsburg’s replacement is being executed with purposeful disregard for the health of the American people, and our democracy.

Judge Barrett would join Federalists Society products Roberts, Thomas, Gorsuch, and Kavanaugh.  Provided that the people consider this a legitimate court, corporate interests would become even more dominant. “The rest of us will simply be their handmaidens.” Amy Coney Barrett’s truly scary association, CNN by Paul Begala October 10, 2020

Barrett was an active Federalist member in 2005-06 and 2014-17.  The Federalist Society is funded by massive, secret contributions from corporate right-wing groups…Koch Industries, the Charles & David Koch foundations, the Scaife Foundation, the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, and the US Chamber of Commerce.

Former Trump White House Counsel Don McGahn said “They seek nothing less than a fundamental reordering of American life.”

  • Gorsuch ruled that a corporation had the right to fire a truck driver who refused to stay with his trailer, even though remaining with the trailer may have meant freezing to death
  • Roberts, gutted the Voting Rights Act, which Congress had reauthorized in 2006 by a voteof 98-0 in the Senate and 390-33 in the House.  That is activism.
  • All four of the dissenters in the marriage equality case (Obergefell v. Hodges) were Federalist heroes: Scalia, Roberts, Alito, Thomas.”

McGahn continues, “Federalists, lawyers that they are, (attempt to) baffle us with BS about being “originalists,” “textualists,” and judges who “won’t legislate from the bench.”

Justice Barrett comes to the court with an agenda to do further harm to civil rights, rights of workers, women and the environment as her personal and legal decisions have plainly demonstrated.

She is not suited for the highest court in the land.  Her appointment would condemn the court to irrelevance.

Her appointment would be answered very simply, NO JUSTICE – NO PEACE!

Scott Steward Ragsdale is a Davis resident.

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3 thoughts on “Letter: A Barret – No Justice, No Peace”

  1. Keith Olsen

    ACB is coming off as very professional and is head and shoulders smarter than every Senator that is questioning her.  She’s going to make a great justice.  Deal with it.

  2. Tia Will

    Justice Barrett comes to the court with an agenda to do further harm to civil rights, rights of workers, women and the environment as her personal and legal decisions have plainly demonstrated.”

    I agree with this statement with one exception which I find even more chilling than what you wrote. In watching the hearing I have come to the conclusion that ACB is not lying, not does she see her beliefs as an agenda. She is a true believer who believes all of her own beliefs are correct, including the belief that she can be fair and “open-minded”. And yet we watched her in multiple sessions tell the questioning Senators what they were thinking. She repeatedly made the statement that she would view her judgments “through the eyes of the losing party”. This means she believes she can understand the position of others without having had to walk “in their shoes”. IMO, she believes she has magical powers of separation of faith and judgment that no human being possesses, and certainly not one who has committed themself to submission to others.

    I believe ACB is a true believer without doubt, and I believe true believers in positions of power are dangerous.

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