Man Enters Plea of Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity – Domestic Violence on Partner


By Mary Magana-Ayala

SACRAMENTO, CA–– Glenn Suntup, charged with felony domestic violence, pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity here in Sacramento County Superior Court late last week, and Judge David Bonilla set a January 2022 trial date, while appointing three doctors to evaluate Suntup’s mental health.

Deputy District Attorney Shawn Foster laid out the scene of the incident and explained that on May 1, 2021, Suntup went to the victim’s mother’s house to accept funds, because the victim was his representative payee for his social security benefits.

According to DDA Foster, the victim and the defendant lived together in the shed located in the backyard of the mother’s house.

“He lunged at me, put both his hands around my neck pushing us down to the ground, down to the stairs, on a bunch of potted plants… and started to choke me,” testified the victim, alleging, “I got bruises on my left upper hip region, cut on my foot… slight abrasions enough to the point where they took pictures… it still hurts to walk or stand.

“I told him I wanted to break up with him. (He) squeezed it (water bottle) in my face and tossed it down and lunged at me” the victim stated when explaining the argument the couple had prior to the incident.

Describing past violent altercations with Suntup the victim stated, “He was yelling and getting in my face and made me think he was going to hurt me a few times, it was getting worse and worse until the day of the incident.”

During the cross-examination, Defense Attorney Larenda Delaini asked the victim if she knew the reasons why Suntup received social security benefits and the victim replied, “For his disability… mental and physical.”

DDA Foster objected as to relevance and Judge Bonilla stated, “If you are going to ask what the disability was I would sustain an objection for relevance based on this type of charge.”

Defense Attorney Delaini continued and asked what had changed with the defendant after the victim explained they had fought more frequent arguments.

“He would wander around when he was supposed to be working and just not doing anything, he was being very mean… just walk around doing nothing when he was supposed to be working or spending four to five hours in Home Depot,” said the victim.

Explaining changes in his mental state the victim said, “He was talking to himself, he started bringing trash home… stuff picked up off the street and dumpsters.”

Defense Attorney Delaini highlighted the inconsistencies between the statement given to law enforcement and the statement given in court.

“You said ‘he tried to squeeze my neck but was having trouble getting his hands around where he would have leverage to squeeze,’” noted the defense attorney.

“In that statement did you note that you told law enforcement, ‘After a few seconds I hit Glenn to get him off of me,’ so did you hit him?” asked Defense Attorney Delaini.

“Well, it’s kinda confusing. I was going to hit him. I don’t know if I actually hit him or not because it got diverted from my mom,” replied the victim.

Defense Attorney Delaini also said,, despite the victim still experiencing pain from the incident that occurred in May 2021, she is seemingly not seeking medical attention months later in November 2021.

Judge Bonilla concluded by stating, “It appears to the court that the offense charged in Count 1 has been committed. I find that there is sufficient cause to believe that the defendant is guilty thereof and he is therefore ordered held to answer.”

The defendant entered a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity. Three psychiatrists were appointed to evaluate the defendant’s mental state.

Trial is set for Jan. 3, 2022, pending reports from the doctors.


About The Author

Mary Magana-Ayala is a junior at UC Davis double majoring in Political Science and Chicano Studies. She is from Watsonville, California.

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