COURT WATCH: Man Forced to Risk Days Off from Work and Travel from Texas to Yolo County to Install a SCRAM Device 


By Cynthia Hoang-Duong

WOODLAND, CA – Judge Daniel M. Wolk ordered a man—who already missed several days of work when his court dates were postponed—to travel to the Yolo County area from his job in Texas to install a SCRAM device after a hearing here in Yolo County Superior Court Friday.

The accused, appearing via Zoom for his bench warrant hearing, is charged with misdemeanors for driving under the influence with three enhancements for a prior conviction, excessive blood alcohol content (BAC), and excessive speed and drunk driving with a BAC of 0.08 or higher, subject to the same three enhancements.

Regarding the warrant, the accused clarified that he appeared in court for his arraignment but there were issues with the court records.

“I actually had court on May 4 and I went. I’m at work here in Texas and I flew over there. I went to the courthouse, [but] didn’t see my name. He explained, “I went to the ladies and they said I didn’t have a court [date] and they gave me another paper to come on the 15th.”

However, when he appeared via Zoom on the 15th, his case was not called, and he was informed he did not have court when he contacted the courthouse.

With this understanding, Judge Wolk recalled the warrant and began his arraignment by asking if he could afford an attorney.

The accused confirmed that he was represented by an attorney but because of the confusion, he required an extension for a week to contact his attorney. The judge agreed.

When asked where he resides, the accused stated he lives in Dixon, California, but added he is currently in McAllen, Texas, because of his occupation.

Despite such circumstances, Judge Wolk complied with the prosecution request for the accused to install a SCRAM device, which would mean the accused would have to be in the Yolo County area to obtain the device from probation.

The accused expressed his concern about the distance and his employment, explaining, “I flew over there on May 4, the day I had my court. And I just asked for those days off. I can’t … I’m going to see if I can talk to my company.”

However, given that he had an alleged prior, a high BAC, and a third enhancement for reckless driving, Judge Wolk was inclined to order him to appear in court.

Thus, the accused is required to travel from Texas to the Yolo County area next Thursday—again, less than a week from Friday morning’s court date—to appear in court.


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