Fair and Just Prosecution Applauds Orlando State Attorney Monique Worrell’s Lawsuit Challenging Suspension by Gov. DeSantis 

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By Cindy Chen

ORLANDO, FL – A state attorney in Florida is challenging her suspension by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, marking the second instance of DeSantis removing a top Democratic prosecutor from office because of policy disagreements. And both sued.

This suspension followed an investigation into a shooting incident that resulted in multiple deaths, where DeSantis’ counsel claimed Worrell had not sufficiently held the alleged shooter accountable for their previous crimes.

Worrell contends that her suspension lacks merit, as DeSantis failed to demonstrate incompetence or negligence in her duties. Her petition, filed with the Supreme Court, argues that no evidence exists to support allegations of her prosecutorial discretion violating Florida law and maintains that a mere policy disagreement does not justify her removal from elected office.

Miriam Krinsky, the Executive Director of Fair and Just Prosecution, commended Worrell for her actions in a recent press statement, noting, “We applaud State Attorney Worrell for standing up for her constituents by taking legal action against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in his unwarranted and undemocratic power grab that removed her from duly elected office.”

“The office of state attorney belongs to the people, not the governor. Hundreds of thousands of voters in Orange and Osceola Counties chose SA Worrell and they have the right to be represented by her,” Krinsky added.

Krinsky went on to criticize the actions of DeSantis, charging, “Gov. DeSantis has repeatedly shown a complete disregard for Floridians by removing elected local officials simply because he doesn’t agree with them. For someone who claims to love freedom, the governor has repeatedly put his own political interests above the freedoms and rights of people throughout the state who hold different beliefs than him.”  

Krinsky added, “We cannot let this dangerous attack on our democracy stand just so that the governor can score a few political points. We hope the Supreme Court of Florida sees this abuse of power for what it is and acts swiftly to protect the voters of Florida – and the integrity of the rule of law – by reinstating Monique Worrell as the duly elected State Attorney in her jurisdiction.”

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  1. Walter Shwe

    DeSantis displays yet another instance of Republican authoritarianism at its finest. If this isn’t halted dead in its tracks, Republicans will turn the United States in to a ultraconservative regime.

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