COURT WATCH: Prosecution Forgets to Tell Court Key Witness Can’t Appear; Leads to Loss of Work for Accused When Judge Grants Delay 

By Olivia Biliunas and Darlin Navarrete 

WOODLAND, CA – The accused was told here Tuesday morning at Yolo County Superior Court to take more time off work after a prosecutor forgot to inform the court a key law enforcement witness had a scheduling conflict.

Deputy District Attorney Aloysius Patchen motioned to continue the case, resulting in the accused facing another day of showing up to court.

The officer, said the DDA, was needed as a witness but is out of town until Friday.

The defense opposed the motion, but the court said it found good cause and granted the motion.

The accused is charged with one count of vandalism, and one charge of corporal injury on spouse/cohabitant on March 30, 2023.

DDA Patchen last week confirmed with the court the prosecution was ready to start the jury trial, which was due to start Tuesday. Instead, the jury won’t next appear until Friday.

Judge Tom M. Dyer questioned DDA Patchen why the court did not receive a written motion noting West Sacramento Police Officer Louis Esway’s mandatory training required the court to reschedule a matter that has been postponed since last December.

DDA Patchen apologized for not filing the motion, stating, “I’m sorry your honor. It must have just gone past me,” as Deputy Public Defender Roberto Villa expressed frustration with this continued setback by arguing, “We have been ready.”

The defense noted the continuance has led the accused to be out of work. The accused remains free and out of jail on their own recognizance.

About The Author

Olivia Biliunas is a fourth year student at UC Davis pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a minor in Professional Writing. With a passion for the field of law she hopes to one day find herself making an impact on other people's lives as a lawyer. In her spare time she loves to go skiing and wakesurfing.

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