COURT WATCH: Witness Cannot Identify Accused as a Suspect on CCTV Footage

By Olivia Biliunas

WOODLAND, CA – Detective Mathew Jameson failed to identify the accused as the suspect seen on a closed circuit television (CCTV) after Deputy Public Defender Peter Borruso objected to whether the detective could answer the question or not, here in a continuing preliminary hearing for a murder case at Yolo County Superior Court Tuesday.

Det. Jameson said the suspect on the CCTV was not the same person as the accused sitting in the courtroom, instead claiming the accused in the courtroom and the individual in the CCTV have similar builds, hair and beards.

The accused is charged with conspiracy to commit a crime, premeditated murder, abuse and false imprisonment of an elder or dependent adult.

Deputy District Attorney Robin Johnson asked Det. Jameson, “Is the suspect in the courtroom here today?” after establishing that the detective saw a video of a suspect on a CCTV video.

DPD Borruso noted a precedent case (People v. Nixon) objecting to the court ruling the detective would have had to testify to the appearance of the suspect at or before the CCTV video.

DPD Borruso also said there was an identity issue, that there was no foundation that Det. Jameson had prior contact with the suspect prior to the video, which is needed under the case he cited.

DPD Borruso continued to establish that Det. Jameson should not be allowed to identify the individual from the video and that he cannot say the accused is the same person from the video.

DPD Borruso said Jameson had no personal experience and no prior arrest with the suspect before the video and that he objects to the detective identifying the individual in the video and whether he was present in court.

DDA Johnson responded Det. Jameson had seen the individual and that his basis is not from past knowledge but from the steps taken in order to see the suspect.

The preliminary hearing is ongoing.

About The Author

Olivia Biliunas is a fourth year student at UC Davis pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a minor in Professional Writing. With a passion for the field of law she hopes to one day find herself making an impact on other people's lives as a lawyer. In her spare time she loves to go skiing and wakesurfing.

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