Guest Commentary: What They Never Wanted ‘PUBLIC’ in Their Efforts to Disallow Limited Liability Companies from Thriving in City Contracts and Grants – How an LLC Contracts or Receives Grant Funds from the CITY AND COUNTY

By Rodney Wrice

It is important to note that my purpose for publishing these legal and personal findings is to prevent others from denying or robbing the collective community or myself from its intellectual property rights and acting as if they created, formed or did it first or simply new that.

In addition, while once a former long term offender serving 33 years of a 40 year to life prison sentence within the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation who now advocates for correct growth community development, many will attempt to suggest he’s just talking, perhaps angry or maybe even less knowledgeable because I do not have the educational credentials they perhaps have which I am assuming they argue outweighs lived experience none from which are the case.

Their response, whoever they may be, I submit stems from what is called ego and incarcerated community psychosis where from which a person or people are unable to see outside the rim of what they’ve always known to exist in the community or way from which things are done.

Their actions, not their words, will then block growth because it might perhaps suggest or force them to admit to their own believed fraud, greed or unfair payable treatment and yes even their believed status within the very communities from which they live or attempt to claim they want to change or be part of in regard to the true and honest principles from which we all should adhere if we are to move low income communities forward.

This article has therefore been written to establish by law the scope of doing business in regard to contracts and grants with a City, County or local Government and based on what I have discovered is that an LLC (Limited Liability Company) has the potential to enter into agreements with City and County governments or acquire grant funding from them, contingent upon adherence to the specific regulations and criteria of the area even when they are never told they can. Below are three instances illustrating this practice within the jurisdiction of the City and County of San Francisco:

Contracting for Goods or Services: An LLC specializing in homeless services, such as Changing Lives Forever LLC does, might engage in contracts with the City and County of San Francisco to address urgent public safety concerns, like homelessness during nighttime hours.

This could involve the provision of innovative solutions to mitigate homelessness and alleviate the burden on the city’s infrastructure, ultimately saving significant taxpayer funds. For instance, the city or county could contract or allot granted funds to Changing Lives Forever LLC to deploy its 7 pm to 7 am unhoused first contact response team who would offer immediate assistance, food, clothing and essential resources like finding and obtaining housing from buildings loaned, sold or given to Changing Lives Forever for the purpose of taking individuals facing homelessness during these vulnerable hours off the streets. Such initiatives not only address pressing societal issues but also offer potential cost-saving measures for the municipality.

Professional Services Contracts: Consulting LLCs with expertise of lived experience like that of the long term offender who has successfully reintegrated back into society seem more suited for a corporate level positions when it regards conversations about urban planning or urban sustainability in such areas like this where crime and poverty exist and legally because of such could and should secure contracts with local government entities to provide advisory services or conduct research, collect data and facilitate outreach.

In an effort to change the social development of communities from which I have described. This might also encompass tasks such as facilitating community engagement efforts or conducting homeless impact assessments for proposed municipal undertakings in places or times where it has clearly yet to be done, which is during the nightly hours.

By leveraging the specialized knowledge and skills of these LLCs, and paying those employed by them livable wages for San Francisco which is no less than $34 dollars an hour or in a justified manner and rightfully should be the same level of pay many heads of nonprofits and other corporate entities pay themselves, the city or county can ensure informed decision-making and sustainable development practices, enhancing the overall welfare of the community.

This approach not only puts the community and the city as a whole in an upward mobility as it so claimed was its intention, that is unless in the hidden hallways behind closed doors they are saying we will never allow them to receive these funds that will perhaps allow them to live and thrive as we have by using their suffering as reasons to pat our pockets while looking down on them.

Grant Funding for Community Initiatives: LLCs focused on community development or social services like Changing Lives Forever LLC may seek grant funding from the City and County of San Francisco to support initiatives aimed at tackling local social issues such as homelessness in the late night hours or reentry for those reintegrating back into society as so recidivism drops in the City and County of San Francisco.

Again it is important for me to emphasize how allocating funds, contracts and grants to LLC companies like Changing Lives Forever are not only important to growth development but could range from addressing homelessness and promoting affordable or temporary housing to facilitating successful reentry programs or enhancing youth education efforts. By awarding grants to qualified LLCs, government agencies or departments dedicated to community welfare can foster collaboration with private entities to achieve shared societal goals effectively.

Overall, these examples highlight how an LLC like Changing Lives Forever LLC and other LLC companies can legally engage with local governments in San Francisco through contractual agreements or grant funding to provide goods, services, or support community initiatives.

It is imperative for LLC owners to comply with relevant regulations and procurement procedures while leveraging their resources to make a positive impact.

This collaborative approach not only benefits the community as well as the City and County of San Francisco, but also allows donors or investors to receive legal tax benefits, thereby incentivizing their participation in socially responsible endeavors, even outside the framework of a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

Growth Development for the City and County of San Francisco, bringing back the vibrant and exciting vibe it once had and understanding the legal and social importance of shared prosperity bars witness in the actions we take in our commitment to achieve our goal, in the words of Marc Benioff “It’s about how to create a culture where doing well is synonymous with doing good in order to thrive in a world where a company is only as strong as the principles it adopts.”

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