COURT WATCH: Yolo County Judge Grants Protective Order, Cutting Off Contact with Jailed Accused’s Daughter

By Lily Rusk and Bryan Miller 

WOODLAND, CA – In an arraignment for a felony assault charge here in Yolo County Superior Court this week, Judge Catherine Hohenwarter granted a criminal protection order keeping the accused from calling his daughter, despite not knowing the wishes of the alleged victim.

Deputy District Attorney Jose Figueroa argued that regardless of the wishes of the alleged victim he would like a criminal protective order to be placed because of the seriousness of the alleged crime Nov. 29, 2023, when the accused allegedly wrapped a seatbelt around his daughter’s neck while she was driving them both home.

Deputy Public Defender John Sage requested that a no harassing contact order be implemented rather than a criminal protective order. This would allow the accused to still contact his daughter while in custody. DPD Sage also stated that all the calls that the accused made while in custody were recorded.

However, the prosecution insisted this alleged crime warranted a criminal protective order where the accused could not contact the alleged victim at all, even by phone.

The accused argued he was in contact with his daughter every day because she controlled his finances and property, along with looking after his animals. She was referred to as his connection to the outside world while he was in custody.

The accused even stated the two had been in contact that very morning and that they were “on good terms” with each other.

Judge Hohenwarter maintained her ruling to assign the criminal protective order rather than a no harassing contact order, stating the alleged victim could contact the accused but the accused could not initiate the contact.

In response to this statement the accused said that this was impossible because he was in custody in jail, and he would have to call the alleged victim and initiate contact. This information did not persuade Judge Hohenwarter to change the ruling and the criminal protective order was issued.

This case will reconvene on June 3 for a preliminary hearing where the issue of whether the accused will be able to contact his daughter will be revisited.

About The Author

Lily Rusk is a first-year student at the University of California, Davis majoring in Philosophy with a Pre-Law focus. She hopes to go to law school and pursue a career in Criminal Defense. In her free time, Lily loves to read and listen to music.

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