The Battle for Justice: Ajay Dev’s Appeal

57b7b0206cbafThe scurrilous, unconscionable conviction of Ajay Dev stands as monument to the overt politicalization toward the canons of judicial ethics, sponsored on behalf of the morally indictable and impeachable: Yolo County District Attorney.

To date, the prosecution in the State v. Dev has failed to proffer a scintilla of forensic evidence sufficient to substantiate and sustain the accuser’s spurious and exaggerated claims of having been physically abused on 750 occasions over a period of five years. Additionally, the Family Physician testified under oath that she saw no signs of emotional and/or psychological trauma, including any indications that the accuser had suffered any demonstrable evidence supporting the allegations of physical abuse.

Notwithstanding the accuser’s serial prevarications issued under oath concerning testimony involving core details endemic to the case, the jury in their conspicuous disregard for juridical discretion and compunction, unceremoniously chose to ignore the accuser’s unequivocal lack of credibility as the sole witness in the litigation and opt to pronounce reasonable doubt Dead On Arrival. Consequently, awarding the Prosecution an unfathomable judgment, where the absence of proof was ruthlessly employed as the sine qua non in the State’s Case-in-Chief.

We, the self-anointed soldiers in Ajay’s Army remain resigned in our infallible belief regarding his innocence, including his eventual exoneration for crimes he emphatically did not perpetrate.

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  1. Fight Against Injustice

    Hopefully, people will take notice that it has been 7 years since Ajay Dev was wrongfully convicted, yet people are still willing to write and shout his innocence.  This type of support would fizzle if he wasn’t truly innocent.

    This wrongful conviction needs to be overturned.  If we truly have the best justice system in the world, then it needs to fix the mistakes that occur.

  2. Tia Will

    If we truly have the best justice system in the world”

    From what I have seen in the way “justice” is dispensed here in Yolo County, I would strongly question on what basis this claim to “best” in the world is made.

  3. WeAreTheCheese

    We know prosecutors hold too much power when they can overcome all the pieces of unsubstantiated claims, and miss all the many great opportunities to substantiate the accuser’s claims, (i.e. the frequency and volume of rape against the complete lack of notice by anyone else including doctors assigned to look over her well being during the time), but when we fix this broken system we have to be careful not to pass this unmitigated power to justices. As we see in this case, the judicial discretion was also abominable.


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