Dodd Gets Governor’s Endorsement While Schaupp Gains Support of Former Adversary


Governor Edmund G. Brown Endorses Dodd For Senate

(From Press Release) State Assemblyman Bill Dodd today announced receiving the endorsement of California Governor Edmund G. “Jerry” Brown in the race for State Senate, District 3.

“Bill Dodd will help me balance the state’s budget and find additional funds for our schools,” said Governor Brown. “Bill is a leader who works with everyone — I’m glad to endorse him for State Senate.”

Governor Brown has endorsed only a handful of candidates running on November’s ballot.

 “Governor Brown is one of California’s greatest statesmen and one of its most important leaders of the past 50 years,” said Dodd. “While the governor and I may not agree on every issue, I respect his judgment, leadership, and experience immensely.

 “I’m looking forward to working together with him to continue moving California in the right direction, and I’m grateful for his support.”

Governor Brown is currently serving his fourth term as California’s Chief Executive. Among his achievements since returning to the governor’s office in 2009 are restoring California to a healthy financial footing, establishing groundbreaking climate change policies, dramatically increasing and reforming education funding, raising the minimum wage, and establishing a requirement that the state generate 50% of its energy from renewable sources by 2030.

Dodd is running for the 3rd Senate District, which includes all of Napa and Solano Counties, as well as portions of Contra Costa, Sacramento, Sonoma and Yolo Counties.

Dodd is a Democrat from Napa County. After a successful 25-year business career, Dodd served four terms on the Napa County Board of Supervisors, and currently represents the 4th Assembly District.

Schaupp-CharlieMark Kropp Endorses Charlie Schaupp

The Charlie Schaupp for Assembly Campaign is pleased to receive the endorsement of his former Primary opponent, Doctor Mark Kropp, a Democrat of Davis.   Mark was one of three Democrats that vied for the 4th Assembly seat in the primary and has decided to support Charlie Schaupp, the sole Republican in the race in the ‘Top Two’ General Election runoff.   Charlie is very honored to receive Mark’s support.  Mark’s statement is as follows:

It gives me great pleasure to endorse it true American in the 4th Assembly District race. As one of the Primary candidates last spring I got to know Charlie Schaupp and watch him, under pressure, accurately and concisely offers real solutions to our State’s many problems.

Even more so, Charlie has served our country in ways that I can only imagine at high personal risk. As a U.S. Marine, Charlie put his life on the line for us in both Desert Storm and the Battle of Fallujah! Charlie voluntarily served 28 years with the U.S. Marines seeing combat service in two wars, participated in counter drug deployments, coordinated antiterrorist operations, and was even given high accolades for helping prepare the Japanese Self Defense Force (Japan’s military) for deployment to aid allied forces in Iraq. This was Japan’s first combat deployment since World War II as America’s ally. No other candidate that I have ever met has that distinguished of a background.

Also, Charlie’s family has been part of our California heritage for over a century and have farmed in our district for 5 generations! Charlie did not have to serve in the Marines, rather he chose to, because he is a patriot.

The bottom line is the 4th Assembly District needs a representative who truly understands the needs of our District in small business, agriculture, education, water storage and procurement and a host of other areas. Because of this, and much more, I wholeheartedly endorse Charlie Schaupp as the best choice for Assembly in the 4th Assembly District!

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    1. Misanthrop

      Maybe he thinks he is a better candidate or like me he thinks two years of Schaupp would be better than twelve years of Aguiar-Curry. Then again, perhaps he is mad because only women were sent pot holders by Aguiar-Curry’s corporate sponsors as part of the $2.7 million they spent to buy the seat.

  1. Napoleon Pig IV

    I don’t usually pay attention to endorsements, especially not endorsements by politicians of other politicians. However, this endorsement of Schaupp by Kropp is rather interesting and increases my interest in both of them. Much of this election season is best characterized as “None of the Above,” so this kind of news is important.

  2. Kropp1

    I am a candidate for the 4th Assembly District seat 2018!

    If folks sit back and allow both seats to be “bought” in 2016, we will have trouble sooner then later.

    The Governor’s sister in law is on Bill’s staff. Tell me you wouldn’t HAVE to endorse if it were your family?

    The money train is an easy ride-until the Devil calls out the dues.

    I ask that you analyze “character” this time, rather than party affiliation. We are voting differently because of Arnold.

    Mariko and Charlie are our best choice in my opinion.

    We need to maintain checks and balances.

    Elmer Mark Kropp, MD

    1. Chamber Fan

      Dear Elmer Mark Kropp:  I don’t know you, but I won’t be voting for you in 2018.  A lot of critical legislation lost in 2016 even in a so-called Democratically controlled Assembly.  None of that Charlie Schaupp would have supported.  One vote can make a difference and I’m not willing to throw mine or this district’s away because your sensibility was hurt.  Character is the most over-used term in politics.  What matters at the end of the day is how you vote on the key issues.  You’ve already shown questionable judgment.

      1. Kropp1

        I don’t know which judgement you are refering to? You will have to clarify.

        2017-2018 is here in January.

        I will be using my one vote for Charlie which I think you are agreeing is wise.

        My other vote will be for Mariko. Do you agree this is a good choice or not?

        1. Chamber Fan

          The judgment is that you are voting for a right wing Republican rather than a Democrat.  You’re citing character issues, I care about how he votes on the issues important to me.

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