Even $1 Million Bail Not High Enough to Free Man Who Threatened Ex’s Boyfriend and Kids


By Ayanna Gandhi

SACRAMENTO – Assistant Public Defender Sameera Ali came into Sacramento County Superior Court Tuesday to do what her client asked and she’s obligated to do—set the defendant free on bail if possible.

The defense counsel ran into a buzz saw.

Ali’s client, Graciano Navarroc, was given a bail waiver, but on May 12 it was withdrawn and since that time there has had no bail allowed. So, Ali asked the judge to set $1 million bail after the defendant’s pre-trial release was also denied.

But Deputy District Attorney Kelly Clark told the court that she was requesting that the judge to keep the no-bail order. She stated that the defendant had four prior bench warrants and two prior strikes, making this his third strike. Navarroc has felonies from 2012, 2002 and 1999, and two misdemeanors from 1999.

If those prior charges weren’t enough, Clark also recounted the factual basis in the current case.

The defendant and the alleged victim were dating for some time, but then, prior to these incidents, the victim told the defendant she wanted to break up. After that, the victim started dating her “across-the-street neighbor,” who is also the father of her children. The victim and her current boyfriend have been dating for 30 years on and off, but this re-kindling of the relationship set off Navarroc’s most recent crimes.

On March 11, officers received a call that shots had been fired at the victim’s house the night before, on May 10, as well as the morning of March 11. The victim stated that on March 10 she heard gunshots, and though she didn’t actually see who did it, she assumed it was defendant. She also stated that she could not tell if it was aimed at her house or in the air.

On March 11, the alleged victim’s current boyfriend found an automotive jack stand in his vehicle with a broken windshield. The victim knew that Navarroc had thrown the object at the vehicle’s glass after he texted her: “How did u like the windshield in the mustang?”

Later, on March 12 the victims’ kids, aged 10 and 12, saw the defendant driving around their school. Naturally, they got scared and called the Twins Rivers Police Department. The kids were placed in the office until a family member picked them up.

The defendant later texted the victim saying he would kill the boyfriend. Clark read the text to the court which said, “As soon as I see his car I’m shooting the whole motherf***er up, with him in it.”

He also allegedly sent the victim a video of the playground located in her son’s school. Attached to the video was a text which said, “I’ll be at your kids’ school again when they get out, but this time I’ll have my gun on me.”

On March 13, the victim’s boyfriend’s mom stated that she heard shots fired and a bullet hit something, and the victim’s boyfriend’s dad lives across the street from the boyfriend and said that he found two bullet holes in vehicles on his property.

And, on March 17, the victim said saw the defendant’s car coming down the street and heard four to five low caliber shots as he drove by. She stated that the shots sounded like .22 caliber guns, however, she did not see flash muzzle or shots.

DDA Clark stated that the defendant continued to threaten to kill the victim’s boyfriend by sending the victim pictures of guns and of him holding them. Officers have seen said texts that which say things like, “I will head to your boyfriend’s house so I can catch him pulling into the house. I am going to light up this whole f***ing car and let everyone see what I do to him. I really want to try and kill that motherf***er.”

Officers have also located bullet holes in the boyfriend’s Mustang and fragments under the car. They allege Navarroc is to blame because he texted the victim, “Go out and see the bullet holes in the Mustang. Did you see where I struck that bullet hole? I got two rounds of 70 apiece to shoot all the cars on your street.”

To make matter worse, Clark explained that the Mustang was parked in front of the master bedroom, where potential victims were sleeping. After the victim ignored his threats for awhile, he also texted her saying, “I don’t give a f**k what happens to my truck. I will shove my truck into the Mustang and into the bedroom if you don’t answer me, I swear to god. “

DDA Clark argued the victim and her family are extremely frightened, emphasizing that that she understands it is unusual to completely deny bail; however, Navarroc’s case is different as he is an extreme danger to the victims. He has also even admitted to his actions, telling police, “I made a mistake, but I did it.”

Assistant Public Defender Ali made one last attempt, saying that the boyfriend is not too fearful because he has not requested protection.

Ali also added that her client hasn’t been in trouble for five years. She insisted they are not asking for bail under schedule, but just at the schedule, as the victims are not fearful at this time.

DDA Kelly responded, noting the victim’s boyfriend has actually claimed that he wants protection if the defendant is released. Ultimately, the DA feels as though the victim is more fearful for her boyfriend and kids because the defendant’s anger has always been directed toward the boyfriend.

The public defender then said that it is odd that the boyfriend is mixing stories and just now saying he is fearful of the defendant, although he had first told officers he was not. Ali said she understands the gravity of the charges, but that’s why they are asking for very high bail.

In the end, the court denied bail, noting the allegations are huge and that the court was deeply disturbed by the instance at the childrens’ school, and found the video and threats extremely serious. Next hearing is Sept. 1, 8:30 a.m.

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