Alleged Yolo Robbers Steal AutoZone Car Stereos, Blame Each Other – Judge Sets Trial for Both

By Alexander Ramirez

WOODLAND, CA – Two men were in a Yolo County Superior Court preliminary hearing at the end of last week for a robbery that they are alleged to have committed on March 23—in court their lawyers blamed “the other guy.”

Zaytrell Hubbard and Stashaun Webb are both being held for 2nd degree robbery and conspiracy to commit a felony. Hubbard is receiving an enhancement for committing a crime during bail or own recognizance release, however.

Much of what occurred was told by the witnesses and victims brought in by the Deputy District Attorney, Michelle Serafin.

The AutoZone employee who was behind the register at the time of the robbery appeared on Zoom, and recounted two men and a woman entering the AutoZone and asking where the stereos were. The men were later identified as Hubbard and Webb. The woman is also facing trial for this incident.

After about 10 minutes of the customers entering the AutoZone, the woman and two men ran out of the store with merchandise that included car seat covers, car mats, steering wheel covers, and stereos, said the employee.

The witness said they even tried to stop Hubbard as he left the store, but were pushed out of the way. The witness adds they followed all three of the suspects as they entered their vehicle so he could get their license plate, but he was pushed by Webb who said, “You’re not going to get my license plate number.”

Officer (no first name available) Zuniga is a Sacramento officer that responded to the place of the incident that occurred on March 23 and appeared on Zoom as attorney Serafin’s second witness.

According to the employee statement to officers, but not in court as a witness at this time, there was also a scuffle between them and Webb, the suspect who pushed the first witness as they tried to record the suspect’s license plate.

From the officer recalling what the AutoZone employee told him, after chasing the suspects outside toward the suspect’s vehicle, Webb reached for his waistband where the employee saw a bulge along it, before hearing the woman say, “Don’t do it! Don’t do it! We gotta go home!”

Back in court, the officer continued to say that, after recording the color and model of car used by the suspects, reports came in about a car matching the dark green Nissan description at Silvey’s Motel just down the street from the place of the incident.

When police arrived at the motel and apprehended the three suspects, Zuniga said they found about $689 dollars of merchandise stolen from the AutoZone in the dark green Nissan.

After a suspect was brought in by Hubbard’s attorney, Richard Van Zandt, both Van Zandt and Webb’s attorney, Rodney J. Beede, gave their side as to how the case should be handled.

Van Zandt stated that the only person that really had any contact with the employees of the store was Webb, and Hubbard should not be charged with robbery.

Beede stated the opposite, and instead said that Hubbard had the confrontation at the door of the store.

However, Serafin argued that both of the defendants should be charged with robbery on the merits of each of the defendant’s confrontations with the employees.

Judge David W. Reed found a case for complying with the court preliminary hearing standard of strong suspicion for both Hubbard and Webb being held to their charges of robbery and conspiracy to commit a felony.

Hubbard and Webb’s arraignment was scheduled for May 20, and a trial after that.

Alexander Ramirez is a third-year Political Science major at the University of California, Davis. He hopes to hone his writing skills in preparation for the inevitable time of graduation.

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