Woman Who Allegedly ‘Sic’d Cholos’ on Victim Faces Assault with Deadly Weapon/Vehicle Trial

By Michele Chadwick

MODESTO, CA – In a Stanislaus County Superior Court preliminary hearing last week, the court ruled enough evidence was presented to hold a trial in an assault with a deadly weapon case, where the suspect allegedly hit another car with her car.

The court heard testimony from two witnesses: Officer Diana Barron and *”Adam,” who was allegedly hit by suspect Elizabeth Medina Flores.

*(Note: Adam and his wife’s names are fictional. Real names have been changed for anonymity)

Adam claims to have known Flores for approximately three years because his stepdaughter and Flores had dated. Adam’s wife “Sandra” currently lives at Flores’ house. According to Adam, Flores did not like when he approached her house and said “that she did not want to see him at her house.”

On the day of Jan, 27, 2021, Adam claims to have been “three houses away” from Flores’ house waiting for Sandra to bring him food at his car after calling her.

While eating inside his car, Adam claims that Flores arrived in a black car and told him to leave the area or else. Adam testified that he moved his car to the other side of the street and continued to eat.

Adam alleges that she had kicked him out of the area three days previously and “she had sic’d the cholos [referring to individuals of Mexican descent] on me.” Adam testified that this was not the only time she had threatened him and he quoted her saying “leave or things are going to be bad for you.”

Adam then claimed that approximately five minutes later, Flores came around the corner in a red Toyota pickup truck and hit the front driver’s side of his Ford Fiesta. He alleges that she was driving on the wrong side of the road at approximately 25 to 30 mph.

Adam testified that when he saw her coming, he did not react because he did not expect her to hit him. After she hit him, he alleges that she “rolled down her window and yelled something at [him] but [he] didn’t hear it.”

Adam’s testimony continued and he said that she turned and went to her house, which was out of view from where he was parked. He claimed that his vehicle was damaged but drivable and he was uninjured.

As Adam began to drive away, he flagged down Officer Barron, who testified that she confirmed the dent on Adam’s car and took pictures of the red paint exchange on the vehicle.

Judge Carrie M. Stephens found the facts of the case sufficient to prove assault with a deadly weapon and set an arraignment hearing for Dec. 6, 2021, ahead of trial setting.

About The Author

Michele is a senior at UC Santa Barbara from Los Angles County.

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