Man Wants Alcohol Monitoring Device Removed after It Broke Several Times – Judge Disagrees


By Aryal Aglugub

SANTA BARBARA, CA – Arian Eteghaei has been in a series of scrapes with law enforcement over the past few years, including some serious felonies—he was in Santa Barbara County Superior Court last week because he wants his alcohol-monitoring bracelet, a condition of his probation, removed.

The judge refused to agree to that change.

The court mentioned that the SCRAM bracelet has mysteriously been broken three times.

And Eteghaei’s defense asked to have his SCRAM bracelet removed. This bracelet monitors alcohol consumption of those who wear it.

Since on probation, the man has had his bracelet break three times.

Eteghaei’s attorney Alison Saros argued that keeping this bracelet was unnecessary, that Eteghaei has been sober since his probation began in August 2021. He has also been attending AA meetings, as well as counseling, Saros claimed.

Probation Officer Deborah Pena contested this, reminding the court that alcohol was involved in the nine counts against him. There was also a suggestion of a breathalyzer rather than the SCRAM bracelet.

However, Eteghaei did not want this alternative.

Saros insisted to the court that Eteghaei has been cooperative with the conditions placed, and the need for this bracelet is overkill.

She insisted Eteghaei is not a threat to public safety, and will continue the conditions of his probation.

Ultimately Judge Clifford Anderson sided with the prosecution, stating that these conditions were agreed to by both sides, denying to modify the terms of Eteghaei’s probation.


About The Author

Aryal is a third year Sociology major at the University of California Santa Barbara. After she gains her B.A., she plans on pursuing law school. Her dream is to become an international lawyer, and specifically work against crimes against humanity.

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