CA Attorney General Calls Latest School Shooting ‘Dark Day’ in Texas, America

California AG Rob Bonta

By The Vanguard Staff

OAKLAND, CA – “Today is a dark day. I wish that in our nation we could say that a day like today is rare. Sadly, it is all too familiar,” said California Attorney General Rob Bonta Wednesday in reference to the May 24 school shooting in Texas, leaving at least 19 children and two adults dead. 

In his statement, AG Bonta said, “Too many people are killed by gun violence in America. Our nation’s gun murder rate feels even more abhorrent on days like today, when 21 people—the majority of them children—were gunned down at an elementary school. Last week it was Laguna Woods. The week before, Buffalo. 

“There have been more mass shootings in the U.S. in 2022 than days in the year. And while there may be many leaders in Congress who will send prayers and condolences, many of those same individuals will do nothing to address the pervasive sickness facing our country when it comes to gun violence. America, we must do better.”

Bonta added, “In California, we refuse to accept the current norm. We will continue to call on our federal leaders and neighboring states to do more, because our nation’s current standard for preventing gun violence is unacceptable. Our children should not suffer this burden. Lockdown drills, metal detectors, and schools that look like prisons are not the answer—we need commonsense gun safety laws. We need fewer guns on our streets, not more.”

He added, “We need fewer guns in the hands of young people, not more. We need to regulate ghost gun kits, and hold accountable those who manufacture and sell them illegally. We need to share data, and develop solutions, so that we can truly prevent a tragedy like what occurred in Uvalde, TX, today from ever happening again. And we need partners at every level to help—not to push back.”

AG Bonta said, “We mourn for the people of Texas and the families who have lost a loved one…And we are sick and tired of seeing young and promising lives cut short due to gun violence. We at the California Department of Justice know that addressing gun violence is critical to public safety. And I, as your Attorney General, vow to do much more than send thoughts and prayers.”

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