Man Tells Court He’ll Represent Himself in DUI Case for ‘No Particular Reason’


By Talia Kruger

VENTURA – A man appeared in Ventura County Superior Court this week as his own attorney in a DUI (driving under the influence) case.

Upon informing the man of his rights to hire his own attorney or be appointed a public defender if deemed fit, he said he would be representing himself.

When probed about his reasoning for doing so, the accused simply responded, “No particular reason.”

The judge explained to him that anytime up until the trial he would be able to change his mind about the matter and seek or be appointed with outside legal representation.

Having agreed to this, the accused pleaded not guilty to the charge of driving under the influence.

When questioned as to whether or not he had seen the forms that needed to be completed, the man explained that he was familiar with them. But when the judge asked if he had completed them, the accused responded that he hadn’t for the case at hand.

Several other statements made by the accused throughout the hearing demonstrated his familiarity with the criminal court system and confidence regarding courtroom proceedings, with statements such as, “Yes, I’m familiar” and “I’ve done that before.”

Prosecution gave reason for the charges against him by citing witness recollection of the night and the man’s prior criminal record.

According to the prosecution, on the night of the alleged crime the accused was seen walking with a stagger and he “smelt of alcohol.” And they added he had several previous DUI convictions, including ones in 2012 and 2013.

When given the chance to respond, the accused explained that he had a disability and had recently fractured his back, and that sometimes he walked funny as a result.

The judge explained the accused would need to undergo a pretrial risk assessment that day and would need to return on Sept. 16.

About The Author

Talia Kruger is a 3rd year Criminology major at UC Irvine. She plans to get her paralegal certification and enter the legal field before eventually applying to law school. Her aim is to become an environmental attorney or criminal defense attorney, and advocate for criminal justice reform.

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