COURT WATCH: Judge Sentences 60-Year-Old Man with No Criminal History, Low Risk Assessment Score, to 210 Days in Ventura County Jail for Drunk Driving

By Leslie Acevedo 

VENTURA, CA – Ventura County Superior Court Judge Bruce A. Young sentenced a 60-year-old man here in Ventura County Superior Court this week to 210 days in Ventura County jail, despite no criminal history, a low risk assessment score and a defense claim he took full responsibility.

Judge Young noted a plea was accepted on Jan. 23 to Count 1 with special allegations, and added the accused has weapons issues, scoring a 5 on the risk assessment scale, which he said is considered low.  Judge Young said the accused has no criminal history.

The victim stated she was in one of the cars where the car accident had occurred, two weeks before her 50th birthday. She explained she had injuries on her back, lower back and neck, for which she needs surgery, and a hard cough as a result of breathing the gas from the air bag.

The victim said she has a lot of pain on her lower back and cannot work because of her injuries. The victim said she has a headache every day, noting when she walks a dog, she feels a lot of pain in her back.

The victim added her car had been completely destroyed from the incident. The victim said she wanted compensation for doctor, therapy, surgery, and lawyer costs. The victim said she was seeking “justice.”

Deputy District Attorney Kelsey Rachel Einhorn said although the accused took responsibility, there were multiple people injured, and asked the accused serve 270 days in Ventura County jail.

Defense Attorney Robert Sommers noted the accused took responsibility, took matters seriously, and asked the court for the accused to serve 120 days, arguing the accused is a 60-year-old businessman, admitted responsibility as fast as he could, and enrolled in a three-month alcohol-related program.

Judge Young sentenced the accused to 210 days in Ventura County jail and 36 months felony probation, noting the accused has two days credit.

Judge Young imposed a $300.00 restitution fine and a second one pending successful completion of probation. The accused is ordered to pay restitution to the victims in the case in an amount to be determined, said Judge Young. The accused must pay a total fine of $2,377.00, including penalty assessment.

About The Author

Leslie Acevedo is a senior undergraduate student at California State University, Long Beach, majoring in Criminology/Criminal Justice. She intends to pursue a Master's Degree in Forensic Science or Criminal Justice. She aspires to become a forensic investigator.

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