Alameda District Attorney Joins Interest Groups’ Call at CA Capitol for Gun Reforms

Pamela Price at a press conference in September 2021, photo by David Greenwald

By Chris Lee

SACRAMENTO, CA – Amid the rise of issues surrounding mental health and gun violence, Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price has joined a diverse group of community-based organizations and interest groups to call for legislation here at the CA State Capitol to reduce gun ownership’s deleterious tendencies.

The California State Senate Public Safety Committee has a plethora of bills to determine the future of gun safety, including, but not limited to, Assembly Bills 732 and 733.

The former specifies that once an accused is convicted of a crime, they only have 48 hours to relinquish any and all firearms they may be in possession of. This bill would also compel the Dept. of Justice to produce a monthly report to local agencies informing them of those that did and did not relinquish their weapons.

The latter legislation asserts state or local governments are prohibited from bringing firearms, ammunition, or armor of any kind to market. Previously, any surplus equipment would be sold, by extension implying finances generated by tax would directly contribute to a more widespread distribution of firearms.

The district attorney reiterated her support for these measures and stricter regulation of firearms, citing studies that “show that our streets are safer when we reduce the number of guns in our community.”

In line with her recent sentiments, she also expressed her approval of Assembly Bills 301, 1089 and 1420, to, respectively, note the purchase of body armor as potential evidence in the issuance of gun violence restraining orders, ban the usage of 3D printing technology for firearms, and improve oversight of legal gun distributors.

Price has characterized the bills as “urgently needed reforms” to “combat the influx of ghost guns” and “keep guns from those who cannot legally possess one.”

About The Author

Chris Lee is a rising sophomore at the University of California, Berkeley, studying political science and computer science. Ranging from intellectual property to criminal justice, he has a variety of academic interests. Subsequent to completing his undergraduate studies, Chris hopes to attend law school and pursue a career in the legal field.

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