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By Damon Lloyd

My cases together are the keys to squashing qualified & absolute immunity for the corruption that is running wild here in Ohio!

Exonerations are not isolated occurrences. Yet, the truth about wrongfully convicted and inhumanely enslaved American citizens is under the illusion it’s for safety; but in reality it is for corporate greed!

Look at how many TV shows there are about cops, lawyers & judges showing how “they” twist the laws to trap so-called bad guys! When “they” are putting the truth out there for those that are awake & aware! That these corruptions are being perpetrated against the honest people!

In a time of universal deceit, simply speaking the truth becomes a revolutionary act!

-George Orwell, 1947

Without increased transparency & independent oversight, there will be no justice in America!

The same corrupt human traffickers commit atrocities against humanity in order to create more tax-exempt municipal debt funds/bonds/trusts! To have the persecutors run these so-called conviction integrity units across the prison continent known as the United States of America is outrageous!

What is a sin? The action of punishing the actual perpetrator that committed the crime? Or to knowingly, purposely holding an innocent human in bondage/slavery for the crime that the “government officials” know for factual truth that this human being is not guilty of the crime!

The attack on the Syed case in factual truth is an attack on [Brady v. Maryland] to erase the precedent case that we, the wrongfully convicted/enslaved, use in the injustice system to fight back! To fight for “our” freedoms, liberties & justice for all!

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