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By Arnold Joyner 

I’m old enough to remember when the Black Race were united as Friends. We all were fighting America’s Racism to its end. The survival of our Black Race was to win. Today, Blacks kill Blacks like there’s no end. We’re old enough to resist this negative trend. It seems every Rap song I hear sings about hurting and killing Black People again and again. It seems every Reality Show shows Blacks as Enemies instead of Friends. Now, our children are old enough to repeat all of our persuaded Sins.

They’re quitting school, committing violent acts and falling way behind again and again. The Black Race has lived behind the White Race since America began. Our FREE Labor brought them their first dividend. Instead of fighting and killing one another, why not fight together for Universal Reparations, my Friends. You all are old enough to know about America’s most Sinful Sin! SLAVERY again and again! They too must PAY for their Centuries of Sins, or do you all consider White People Your closest Friends? We’ve seen there’s still a lot of HATE in them and some want to bring US to our END!

I guess a lot of US are psyched out to believe most White Folks can be trusted and Black Folks are bringing Themselves to an END! I’m old enough to remember every Black Leader we’ve had since Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. America viewed them as a threat and not a friend. Martin & Malcolm X was under some kind of Investigation or being surveyed by our Government to their ENDS! However, many were killed or discredited and infiltrated by our Government for speaking Unity and Love amongst Black People as Friends.

The only places suffering are these HOODS, my Friends. They are filled with sooo much division, hate and violence and they simply can’t win. The Government uses them to provide jobs through our Penal System continuously again and again. About 65% will be convicted of a crime as soon as they’re old enough for The Pen. This Concept replaces SLAVERY, one of America’s oldest sins.

So get ready, get set. They’re gonna let you all get High to lessen the blow coming once again. You all old enough to not pay attention to the fact we have been exploited, misused, disrespected and Fucked Over as women and men. They expect US to shoot and rob and kill each other again and again. That way they can kill 2 Birds with 1 Stone, because America has never been about Black Love and Unity since She was called Home, my Friends. Exclusion keeps US out not in, and we’re old enough to know this also my Friends.

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