Hayward School Board Candidate Files for Restraining Order against Openly Gay Opponent

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Hayward, CA – Alameda County Republican Party AD-20 Chairman Tom Wong has reportedly filed a restraining order against one of his vocal opponents, Austin Bruckner Carrillo.

According to a release, Monday, “Wong, a controversial figure in local politics, who since moving to Hayward in 2021, has made it his mission to perpetually run for office with failed bids for Congress, School Board in 2022 and a failed County Supervisor appointment in 2023. “

“I’ve never met Mr. Wong, I’ve never spoken with nor contacted him—I’ve seen him at protests throughout the Bay Area but our engagement has stopped there,” stated Hayward Unified School Board Candidate Austin Bruckner Carrillo. “What I have done is warn the community about the dangers of having a person like Mr. Wong on the school board. And for that I have been served with a restraining order.”

Bruckner Carrillo added, “I know Mr. Wong’s views about my community, I am sure this is his desperate attempt to get media and donations and ‘beat up’ the only gay candidate in the race. His act of intimidation has forced me to pay and retain counsel, but I am not backing down.”

Wong, reportedly “has been quite vocal in his opposition to LGBTQ issues and goes out of his way to insert himself into media stories outside of this district,” the release continued.

In June 2023, Wong reportedly attended an anti-gay protest during the San Leorenzo Library Drag Story Hour.

At the time, Wong joined a handful of people who protested and screamed at families as they entered the event.

He explained, “I’m supporting parents and the community and conservative values.”

Wong also reportedly appeared on Newsmax TV in support of Chabot-Las Positas Community College District trustee Luis Reynoso who was censured by his fellow board members for posting an anti-trans meme. At the time, he blamed the LGBTQ community for not being inclusive of conservative values.

According to the release, “Wong has also been ‘rallying’ support for Sunol School Board members who are facing a recall because of anti-lgbtq stances, declaring, “Schools should not be lifestyle institutions.’”

He also reportedly created a “prayer chain” to protest a Castro Valley Pride event last year. Wong also attends local board meeting to protest resolutions recognizing June as “Pride Month”—stating “please oppose promoting LGBTQ+ lifestyles in public education.”

In a similar move last year, Sunol Glen Unified School District Trustee Ryan Jergensen requested a Temporary Restraining Order against the wife of a school board colleague—a request which was initially granted and which Mr. Jergensen later withdrew.

“This is an abuse of the judicial process for political motivations. These types of unwarranted and frivolous filings clog our judicial system and delay processes for people who have legitimate needs for safety,” stated Ryan LaLonde, Chair of the East Bay Stonewall Democratic Club PAC and Alameda Unified’s first gay board member.. “Mr. Wong needs to build a thicker skin if he is going to be running for office because as a political candidate he will continue to be held accountable for his public actions. Nothing in this filing has merit and Mr. Wong is wrong.”

East Bay Stonewall Democratic Club is hosting an event benefiting Bruckner Carrillo on Thursday at 6:00PM at Books on B in Hayward with LaLonde reading from his LGBTQ family/children’s book.

Bruckner Carrillo stated, “I do feel sorry for Mr. Wong, he seems to think that hate towards the LGBTQ community, and in particular our LGBTQ students, will connect him with voters and it won’t.”

Bruckner Carrillo has a strong history and record of working with influential leaders in government, including the former California State Senate Majority Leader, a member of the State Assembly, a current member of the Alameda County Board of Supervisors and a former City Councilmember. He’s currently the Associate Director of the Alameda County District Attorney’s Community Support Bureau.

Bruckner Carrillo also currently serves as the Chair of Hayward’s Community Services Commission and was most recently a finalist to fill two vacancies on the Hayward City Council in January and April.

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  1. t cox

    This Austin Bruckner Carrillo is no different. I have seen him lead a group of people to protest and scream with signs at Congressman Eric Swalwell who was trying to support a local bookstore for Drag Queen story time. He also targeted an Asian woman with lies to discredit her.  He is not qualified to be an elected, let alone school board since he is a liar, unethical, unmarried and has no children. He is another far-left progressive that will contribute to the further downfall of California. It is a NO vote for me! 

  2. Jeanne

    This article refers to Tom Wong as being the AD-20 Chairman for the Alameda County Republican Party.  This is false.  Mr. Tom Wong uses this title but in fact he is ineligible to hold that position and has been told multiple times to cease the use of the ACRP title.  Mr. Tom Wong has been issued a cease and desist letter to refrain from using the ACRP name to publicize himself.  His actions should not be linked to this organization.

    Jeanne Solnordal

    Chair, Alameda County Republican Party


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