New Los Angeles Home Supports Women Post-Incarceration Aiming to Prevent Recidivism

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By Vy Tran

LOS ANGELES, CA — Turning Point officially opened its newest installation of the Sisterhood Alliance for Freedom and Equality (SAFE) home this past week, a SAFE establishment in Los Angeles County that will provide housing and guidance for 10 women post-incarceration.

According to its website, Turning Point is an organization that seeks to support “women marginalized by addiction, trauma, criminality, incarceration, poverty, racism, sexism, homelessness, and violence,” and, most importantly, provide this reentry aid to incarcerated women.

“When women leave prison and return back to society, they are more vulnerable than ever. This new home is more than just a building, but also stands as a symbol of stability and support for women who are looking to turn their lives around,” said Michelle Perkins, Turning Point executive director.

Perkins added, “At Turning Point, we are committed to empowering formerly incarcerated people, ensuring that they have the resources and support system to fully integrate back into society.”

As a member of A New Way of Life’s SAFE Housing Network, Turning Point SAFE Home takes on the collective mission to “decarcerate the U.S. by bringing people home to stay, helping them to heal from the trauma of incarceration, and empowering them to lead in the fight to end incarceration.”

According to A New Way of Life’s Reentry Project, this collaborative effort has housed more than 700 people post-incarceration and helped another 12,000 with their other reentry services since 2019.

The SAFE Housing Network, according to A New Way of Life, provides this reentry housing model to prevent recidivism, often caused by lack of access to housing.

While recidivism rates across the country hover around 65 percent to 82 percent, reported by Madalyn Hayden of Western Michigan University and Tenzing Lahdon of Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), there is a recidivism rate of just six percent among residents of A New Way Of Life’s homes.

“Empowering women to reintegrate into their communities is pivotal for breaking the cycle of recidivism,” said Susan Burton, founder of A New Way of Life, CNN Hero, and a 2023 NBC News Inspiring America honoree.

“Under Michelle Perkins’ leadership, Turning Point will foster an environment where women not only survive but truly thrive. We are proud to add this home to our SAFE Housing Network, marking the beginning of an unwavering partnership and dedication to bettering the lives of women who just need a second chance at life,” Burton added.

There is still much to address, according to the Prison Policy Initiative, with almost 2.5 million women still facing a multitude of barriers to reentry.

However, the grand opening of the newest facility within Los Angeles is another milestone for Turning Point and A New Way of Life, the groups note.

The Turning Point SAFE home, according to its website, will be financially supported by donations made through Turning Point’s Spring Into Action: Gala Community Impact Luncheon this April 28.

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Vy Tran is a 4th-year student at UCLA pursuing a B.A. in Political Science--Comparative Politics and a planned minor in Professional Writing. Her academic interests include political theory, creative writing, copyediting, entertainment law, and criminal psychology. She has a passion for the analytical essay form, delving deep into correlational and description research for various topics, such as constituency psychology, East-Asian foreign relations, and narrative theory within transformative literature. When not advocating for awareness against the American carceral state, Vy constantly navigates the Internet for the next wave of pop culture trends and resurgences. That, or she opens a blank Google doc to start writing a new romance fiction on a whim, with an açaí bowl by her side.

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