Friday Arraignments: An Uppercut, Corporal Injury/Elder Abuse, Restraining Order Violation and Threats to Neighbors


By Lea Barrios

SACRAMENTO – In a string of arraignments here in Sacramento County Superior Court on Friday, a man allegedly uppercut his girlfriend and threatened to shoot up her home; another was charged with corporal injury and elder abuse; methamphetamine was found on a man’s person when he attempted to enter his sister’s home who has a restraining order against him; and, lastly, an intoxicated woman threatened her neighbors.

During live-streamed Zoom arraignments, the first man was accused of knocking out his girlfriend’s teeth with an uppercut and sending threatening text messages that he would shoot her and her house. He was deemed a public safety threat and denied $0 emergency bail release.

Another defendant, Darryl Win, was charged with corporal injury on a spouse or co-inhabitant and elder abuse. His case wasn’t discussed—his defense counsel requested a continuance and a bail motion hearing.

A third man, Chang Vang, was refused pre-trial release for violating his sister’s restraining order while under the influence of methamphetamine.

The defendant’s public defense counsel asked that he be released on his own recognizance and, if he were, he promised stay away. Deputy District Attorney Kelly Clark objected to pretrial release and asked that his bail be increased because he has several offenses and, at the time of the alleged incident, he was on pretrial release for a separate auto theft offense.

The prosecutor contended that he went to his sister’s home despite her restraining order against him. He tried gaining entry to the home, then she called the police, who found methamphetamine in his pocket when he was searched.

Court Commissioner Kenneth Brody found that the defendant was taking advantage of the emergency bail order because of his recent prior offenses, and thus set his bail at $10,000.

And finally, a woman allegedly made serious threats to her neighbors while intoxicated.

The last defendant’s name wasn’t intelligible through the live-stream, but she was charged with threats to commit a crime resulting in death or great bodily injury.

Her public defense counsel asked that she be released and cited her minimal prior record, concluding that she isn’t a danger to the public.

She allegedly was very drunk and made threats to three of her neighbors. Two of her neighbors didn’t want to press charges, but one did.

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The Vanguard Court Watch operates in Yolo, Sacramento and Sacramento Counties with a mission to monitor and report on court cases. Anyone interested in interning at the Courthouse or volunteering to monitor cases should contact the Vanguard at info(at)davisvanguard(dot)org - please email info(at)davisvanguard(dot)org if you find inaccuracies in this report.

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