Cast of Characters, Conflicting Officer Testimony Featured at ‘Day at the Old Court’


By Alexandra Cline

WOODLAND – “You can’t tell the players without a program” yell barkers selling programs at a ball game. And it also just might apply to Dept. 11 in Yolo County Superior Court here, after a dizzying cast of characters were referenced during testimony.

It all started with Officer Rosas on the stand, describing her interaction with the victim and a pair of brass knuckles. And her testimony later conflicted with her body cam footage.

Defendant Julian Garcia, currently in custody and represented by Public Defender Jose Gonzalez-Vasquez, is charged with assault likely to cause great bodily injury, assault with a weapon, and possession of an illegal weapon, with an enhancement “during a state of emergency.”

Garcia allegedly hit three people, including a woman in the doorway of a house, approximately 8 times.

Witness Rosas claimed that she met with the victim, who was about two miles away from the house sitting on the curb. The victim, “DS,” told the officer that she was at the house of her friend of 30 years when the incident occurred. Per Officer Rosas’ observation, DS had a one-inch laceration on her nose and an injury on her left, which both “appeared fresh.”

The officer claimed that DS told her that both Julian Garcia and someone named Jimmy, started hitting her at the same time, although the bodycam recording of DS’s description included three different people, Julian, Moe, and “Drifter.”

The victim later identified defendant Garcia in a picture, and Officer Rosas identified him in the virtual courtroom.

Although the officer stated in her testimony that Garcia was the one to hit DS with brass knuckles, the body cam recording showed that she did not know who had actually hit her with the brass knuckles.

According to Rosas, DS allegedly fell to the ground when she was punched “in the face,” but there is also separate evidence that she stated she was attacked “from behind.”

When questioned by Assistant District Attorney Jesse Richardson, Officer Rosas stated that defendant Garcia was previously on parole, and she had responded to a call when he allegedly cut off his ankle monitor. She stated that the GPS showed that he was at his house at the time of the incident, on April 19, around 9:30 p.m.

DS claimed that a few of the men at the house had borrowed her car, and there was a dent in the rear of the vehicle when they returned it. They gave the keys to DS, although it was another woman’s car. Garcia lived with that woman, who he claimed was his sister.

DS also stated that her ex-fiancé borrowed the car as well. On April 18, the day before the incident, she noticed an AK-47 case in the vehicle, but did not see an actual gun. She was allegedly asked to bring back the gun case.

During cross-examination, Officer Rosas admitted that she did not go to the house at the time of the incident, but she knew that it was a big apartment complex. DS’s statements were inconsistent according to the officer’s testimony. She was also allegedly convicted of identity theft prior to this case.

DS was allegedly feeling dizzy at a gas station and was taken to a hospital around the time of the incident. Because of this, Judge Paul K. Richardson stated that the count of assault likely to cause bodily injury was satisfied. It was also unclear who hit her with the brass knuckles, although the victim said that defendant Garcia owned them.

The prosecution argued for the emergency enhancement because Garcia was “associating with other people” during a pandemic. The defense argued that Garcia had no control over who entered his own home, and his sister was the one to invite DS over to the house.

The arraignment is scheduled for Thursday, June 24.

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